Pink Floyd “The Wall”

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Pink Floyd “The Wall” Experience Edition on Capitol/EMI Records

Pink Floyd “The Wall”

EMI is releasing “Immersion,” and “Experience” editions of Roger Waters iconic opus, Pink Floyd ‘The Wall,” as the final installment of the recent ‘Why Pink Floyd?’ reissues and extended releases. “The Wall,” remains Pink Floyd’s biggest selling record release after 1973’s legendary, “The Dark Side of the Moon.”

This three disc set includes the original “The Wall,” two discs plus a bonus CD featuring “Work In Progress,” which includes three (3) Programmes of the bands original demos Roger Waters put together for the final material set to be used for “The Wall”. Released in November 1979, “The Wall,” topped the album charts in the U.S., France, Germany, Sweden and Austria. “Another Brick in The Wall, Part 2” — Pink Floyd’s first UK single since 1968 — became a Number 1 hit, selling more that one million copies within weeks of its release.

Between 1980 and 1981, Pink Floyd staged perhaps one of the best and most successful concert experiences staging 31 performances of “The Wall” in the US, UK and Germany. It was a spectacular show that included a 40-Foot wall, constructed, brick by brick across the front of the stage during the performance. In 2010 and 2011 Roger Waters toured the new production of “The Wall” to huge international acclaim. He was joined onstage in May 2011 at London’s 02 Arena by guitarist David Gilmour and drummer Nick Mason. He continues to tour in the Southern Hemisphere and North America in 2012.

“The Wall,” Experience edition is a 3 disc CD includes the original “Wall” album material along with a special disc featuring the third CD of “Work In Progress” demos Roger Waters’ original selection of band demos.

This third CD starts off with a women’s voice (Vera Lynn) sounding scratchy and very much like a 40’s radio spot. The CD is broken down into three Programs (Programmes) Programme 1featuring three versions of “Another Brick In the Wall,” Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. Then there is the piano driven “The Thin Ice,” as well as three songs…”Teacher Teacher,” “Empty Spaces,” and “Sexual Revolution,” that never found their way onto the final version of this stellar CD.

Programme 2 has “Another Brick in the Wall,” Part 2 and Part 3. Part 2 is soulful as Part 3 is more psychedelic and features a rousing version of “Mother.”

Programme 3 features a women’s voice over “One of My Turns,” with a electronic version to “Goodbye Cruel World,” and stella version of “The Doctor (Comfortably Number) and finishes off with “Run Like Hell.” A highlight for fans this demo showcases the evolution of the final track and “The Doctor,” explores the origins of the landmark track “Comfortably Numb,” giving further insight into Pink Floyd’s early demo recordings. These new versions of “The Wall,” offer listeners a unique insight into another hugely successful chapter in the Pink Floyd story.

In 1978, after finishing Pink Floyd’s Animals stadium tour, Roger Waters devised the concept for the album, “The Wall.” The album is partly autobiographical story about a fictional rock star named Pink looking back at his early life and reflecting on the nature of fame and success.

Waters presented his band mates David Gilmour, Richard Wright and Nick Mason with and extensive demo of songs. Pink Floyd recorded their eleventh album, “The Wall,” throughout 1979 in France, New York, and Los Angeles assisted by co-producer, Bob Ezrin and engineer, James Guthrie.

An adjunct to the sessions was the famous addition of a group of pupils from London’s Islington Green School, who recorded their backing vocals (“We don’t need no education…”) on “Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2,” at Pink Floyd’s own Britannia Row Studios in London. This became the world’s introduction to the album with the release of its first single, an instant success, accompanied by a promotional film which included several of the groundbreaking images from the story, including Gerald Scarfe’s brilliantly realized marching hammers. These sets are truly collectors editions and a wonderful addition to your CD library.

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