Matt Wicklund – God Forbid’s says thanks to fans!!

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God Forbid’s Matt Wicklund Thanks the Fans for All of their Support

 God Forbid has been around for quite some time now releasing several albums along the way including their latest release entitled “Equilibrium”. Newest member Matt Wicklund who replaced former guitarist Dallas Coyle caught up with me to discuss the band’s latest efforts, upcoming touring plans, and just how thankful they are for the continued support they continue to receive.

God Forbid

All Access Magazine (AAM) For those who aren’t familiar with God Forbid can you give us a brief history?

 Matt: Yeah sure we’re a heavy metal band from New Jersey from the New Brunswick area the band has been around for like 13 years and I’ve been around in the band for the past 3. I was in a band called Himsa and have done some solo stuff besides working with some other previous bands. But as far as God Forbid’s history they have been doing a lot and are on their sixth album and have been actively touring the world playing metal music for a long time so that’s who God Forbid is everybody!

AAM. How has the band’s sound evolved since your last release?

Matt: There are some obvious changes a lot of that has to do with me being in the band, I wrote a lot of the new music so I had brought a lot of the melodic and heavier song writing to the band and had a lot more guitar solos so I’m a guitar nerdy kind of guy. Naturally the band started evolving and accepting these things and just went with it. There are a lot of vocal development and melodies this time but a lot of the heaviest material we’ve ever done. I also think we’ve grown as a band and love pushing ourselves to do the best we can do. We’re not trying to be this type of band or that type we just want to do our best and be more of a diverse band than ever before and the album is catchier and melodic.

AAM What inspired the album title? Is it a concept album?

 Matt: I wouldn’t say it’s a concept album but there are lyrical themes that are very personal lyrically. You can see there are a lot of things about personal struggles and balance in the world and this album is about balancing and finding that balance. There’s a different sound and approach since I’ve joined the band so I think the idea of finding that balance speaks a lot of who God Forbid is at the moment.

AAM. Did the band have any definitive goals they were shooting for before the recording process began for this album?

 Matt: Well yeah there were some goals I was trying to write the most interesting and catchiest material that could fit with God Forbid but have it sound fresh and new and inspired but not fade away from what was happening already. That’s what happened with everyone us to find our place. To have Dallas leave he had sang a lot and wrote a lot so Doc and Bryan had stepped up a lot so working so hard helped us grow and go beyond our expectations and it’s been the best the band has done yet. Going through a lot of challenges and getting from point A to point B to point C with a lot goals in between so we were all pleased with the ending results.

AAM Did you feel any pressure for a follow-up?

Matt: No not really. I never really worry about it I just do the best I can do until I’m a mess and love what I do when performing until my fingers are cut and bleeding. We all just push each other to do the best we can so me I don’t really worry about it much.

AAM What are your expectations for the CD?

Matt: Well I didn’t set up too many expectations and just tried to do my best. I always just want to perform the best I can and do the best I can do really. Everyone was really surprised on how it all came out along the way discovering it all out.

AAM Are you ready to be hitting the road for the next couple of months?

 Matt: Oh yes very much it’s been a while since God Forbid has been out on tour. We’ve done local shows but touring hasn’t happened since 2010, but we’re ready got new material and want to just get out there and want to go play the new material having good things to come. April 20th the Overkill tour will happen and then a couple more things will also happen so we’re ready.

AAM Can you tell me about your music video for the song “Where We Come From”?

 Matt: It’s a cool video and the concept for the video was from the Doc he came up with an idea of showing the real life day to day things that we do. Our honest glimpse into our lives from waking up until we’re playing a show we have that concept to Victory Records then met up with us where we live and took our concept and turned it into a video. It was just amazing to see it turn into a reality it was a dream for us and had it done in about a week. Like me I was running around in New York and doing my thing and the other guys are doing their own thing showing all of that going on into what we do. Showing our rehearsal and then shows us at a local show we had done so it was great kids went crazy and filmed it all and put it all together and it turned out cool. It’s more real and an honest video so that’s that hope people like it and was fun to make.

 AAM What else can we expect from you guys?

 Matt: Oh this year will be filled with lots of live shows all around the world probably a lot in the U.S. We’re talking about going everywhere and there aren’t enough days in the year to do what we want to do so it’s exciting. So what’s on the surface expect tour and behind the scenes lots of new writing for the next record. I’m feeling creative still so all of this will take up all of the time right there so new material, another video, and tour, tour, tour.

AAM Where hasn’t God Forbid toured?

Matt: I’ve been all over Europe and the U.S. but I believe God Forbid before me have been all over and we will be returning to like Asia, South America but we will be going everywhere that will accept us really. The world is opening up for bands some going to China and India so there are some spots we haven’t been too but we will be going there this year.

AAM Is there anything else you’d like to say or add?

 Matt: Let’s see that pretty much covers everything in the God Forbid camp and the fans for being very patient with us over the years go pick up the new record and we’re all very thankful for the continued support and look forward to seeing you out on tour and thank you everybody!