From Argentina to Hollywood… Oz Chiri is Set to Make His Mark with ‘CHIRI’

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Oz Chiri - Cover StoryChiri, the latest solo release by music sensation Oz Chiri, will soon be made available for your musical consumption on iTunes and retailers like WalMart. After making quite a name for himself in his native Argentina, and here in the U.S. with his hard rock band Blue Embrace, the busy guitarist/songwriter also recently developed and launched a new record label to benefit fellow musicians. Building his career steadily since 1987, Chiri is also a voting member of The Grammys and for NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants)

Preteen after learning music from his mother and grandmother, both concert pianists, Chiri’s interest was in piano while growing up in Buenos Aires.   But then, he discovered the guitar…The late 1980’s became a major turning point for him.  Not only did he find himself immersed in Argentina’s cool underground music scene with his band Angels and Demons (Angeles & Demonios), but he also took notice of what was going on over here in America via the new music channel MTV.   While Angels and Demons had him and his band mates opening for huge acts playing in Brazil, Uruguay and all over South America, MTV eventually lured him north to Hollywood in 1998.  Prior to relocating he released his first solo album Classical Guitar Melodies for his Argentinian audience.

Fast forward to 2010, with the success of the Los Angeles band he founded Blue Embrace, Chiri became the first musician from Argentina to headline the Whisky a go go with an American band.  Blue Embrace has released two CD’s and has won coveted supporting slots for Korn, Black Eyed Peas, Uriah Heap and Mötley Crüe.

Oz Chiri

His new lone effort Chiri, which is also available on his recently launched website as well as in stores throughout South America and Europe, contains beautifully played pieces showcasing his talent in every genre from Jazz and Blues to Hard Rock to Classical.  “Electric and hard rock music is just one side of me”, he explains, “but my other half is in classical.  Classical music you play by yourself and you tend to get more feeling from it.”  And his fingers are full of feeling.  Case in point: ‘Dreams’.  “I wrote that song ten years ago and include it in my daily practice routine to keep my fingers warm, like an exercise.  I found it has a really nice melody so I thought, why not add it to the album?”

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And the spine-tingling ‘Lagrima’… Chiri offers this: “’Lagrima’ is about 200 years old and used in South American Conservatories where guitar is studied.  Created by the master Franscisco Tarrega (1852- 1909), this special song has a special feeling;  it makes you think.”  Then he adds, “For me that is what music is all about, making human beings think.”

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Oz Chiri

Chiri approaches his songwriting in an unorthodox way:  “When creating a new song I try expressing a feeling that I’m experiencing at that moment”, he says.  “When I’m writing and suddenly I feel there should be a change in the song, I do it.  I don’t follow the concept of verse-then-chorus-then-stop-then do another one.   I just let it go free and express an idea naturally versus something that needs to be done in some particular way.”

Chiri has also amassed a pretty impressive lineup of endorsements as well.  Voodoo Labs, Coffin Case, D’Andrea USA, Sit Strings and Pigtronix to name a few.

Between his solo career and Blue Embrace, Chiri has also managed to gather partners and to the label Tarot Records.  “After playing with so many other musicians and taking note of how the music business currently is, it made me realize I wanted to go about things in a different way:  more towards the musician than the money!”  What a concept!  He encourages bands to submit to:

Tarot Records
Beverly Hills Executive Center
9107 Wilshire Blvd #450
Beverly Hills, Ca 90210
or call (310) 362 3528

You can find Oz and his latest solo release available soon, online through these rockin websites: iTunes,, his Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.