Theresa Minjares and Reese Entertainment Booking Agency

Theresa  Minjares (pictured) is President of Reese Entertainment, one of California’s premier music entertainment booking agnecies.

Theresa  Minjares

Theresa Minjares, CEO/Booking Agent for Reese Entertainment, was founded in October of 2007, working with national artists, country artists and specializing in tribute bands.. During the company’s growth, she has managed bands, traveled throughout the U.S., assisted with the development of newer acts, special events and developed promotional materials, articles for advertisement.  This year is turning out to be her most successful year to date with  opportunities to work with top accounting firms, biomedical firms, The Dreams of Today’s children organization as well as the Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure organization. Reese Entertainment has created a business for herself that she is very passionate about. She has the benefit of travelling anywhere in the world to establish a business relationship.

Minjares has worked with Legendary Percussionist Pete Escovedo, Malo & Smashmouth as well as Sheila E, perhaps known for her work with Prince, George Duke and Ringo Star. Her most recent act added to the roster is the Youngest Rock Band to hit the stage, Haunted by Heroes.  All Access Magazine (AAM) spoke with Theresa Minjares ™ about her company and the music business.

All Access Magazine (AAM): What is Reese Live?

 TM:  Reese Live is the Facebook name used to promote bands associated with Reese Entertainment.

(AAM):: When did you decide to form your company?

 TM:  After two years of managing and booking just one band and turning away a number of bands requesting my assistance,  I finally decided to form Reese Entertainment in October of 2007 so that I could help others in the industry.

AAM: Who was the first band of any real consequence you booked, and where did you book them at?

 TM:  My very first band and the reason I’m in business today is when I became associated with ARRIVAL which at the time was a variety band.  Since then they blossomed into the most amazing Journey Tribute band I’ve ever come across and have since changed their name to Journey Revisited, paying tribute to the days Steve Perry was the lead singer.  If I could meet Steve Perry today, I would simply say “thank you” for the incredible years of great music. Journey Revisited is still working with me today and “exclusive” to Reese Entertainment.  As for National Acts, in November of 2007, I started working with Pete Escovedo’s Latin Jazz Orchestra and their first show with me was at Morongo Casino.  I was very excited to build a relationship with the family which on occasion included a performance with Sheila E.  She is the most amazing female drummer & percussionist, perhaps best known for her work with Prince, George Duke and Ringo Starr. The family also performs under the name The E Family and their song “I Like It”  was one of the most requested songs on KBLX.  Their CD Now & Forever is on sale now at

AAM: What are some of the main challenges in being a booking agent in today’s music economy?

TM:  At the present time for me, the main challenge is fulfilling all the requests I get to book entertainment.  The economy has definitely put a damper on the amount the artists may earn, but the talent buying seems to be picking up.

AAM:  Who are some of the more prominent bands you currently book and represent?

TM:  I’ve recently signed a few original artists that I foresee making their mark in the entertainment industry.  Two of them are country artists, Fred Myers and the Redneck Majority from Philipsburg, PA and  Jessica Caylyn from Antioch, CA.  Then of course there’s Haunted by Heroes from Pacifica, CA, the World’s Youngest Rock Band to hit the scene.  Instead of Cheerios for breakfast, these kids eat rock and roll for breakfast (laughs).

AAM: How would a band go about securing someone such as yourself to do their booking?

TM:   Its best to send me their promo video. If I see its marketable, then I will definitely consider them. Every band has to be prepared with their promo kit before signing any agreement.   AAM: Biggest gig you ever booked? TM: The Monkeys Classic, I’m A Believer from the Shrek Soundtrack “SMASHMOUTH” at the Sierra View Music Festival in Oakdale, CA and The E Family at the Montalvo Arts Center in Saratoga.  I was also asked to be part of the Willie Nelson Marketing Team last year and hope to be a part of the team this year.  My first big Vegas event is on June 23rd, 2012, at the Palace Station Casino benefiting Dreams of Today’s Children Organization.  This is a non-profit organization that provides financial assistance through grants and fundraising activities to families with the desire and commitment to adopt a child. Tickets are on sale now by going to

AAM: Where do you see Reese Entertainment being, business-wise, five years from now?

TM:  I pride myself on having a personal relationship with every artist and talent buyer I work with and building trust and loyalty.  I definitely see a strong growth especially in the Corporate Arena.

For more information about Reese Entertainment visit on FB for all upcoming events.