Search for the Hidden Gem (2012 – vol# 4)

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Search For The Hidden GemLike Christmas morning, I can’t wait for the last Saturday in April to get here.  It’s opening day for trout fishing in the Sierras!

The Skys

“Colours of the Desert”
Style (Indie / Psychedelic)

If your bucket list includes a tripped out psychedelic zombie apocalypse Tarantino / Peter Weir ‘esq experience out at Burning Man smoking hash from a hookah with other wayward desert transients seeking enlightenment and bath salts than I guess this is for you.  From my personal freelance photography experiences, having this CD playing while I’m out at the Salton Sea would make for an interesting sound track.  But if I’m in a bar and this band starts playing these songs I’m leaving to get a chili cheese dog from Pinks.  In a nutshell, the listening enjoyment for this band’s latest CD is all about finding the right listening environment.

Rating 2 ½ (trippy to say the least but I’m not discounting it)

Jimmy Nash

“The Road to 33”
Style (Singer Songwriter)

A couple things strike me with this CD and not in a good way.  For starters I’m put off by Nash’s musical prowess, which languishes torpidly limp and non-descript.  His acoustic guitar playing, vocals, and overall song writing are about as interesting as a Wonder Bread wish sandwich.  Singer songwriting style, which is how I would categorize this CD, is a spot light style that highlights the positives and negatives, but I really want to know where the emotion, the passion, and the conviction are.  If this is 100% effort I’d really hate to hear what phoning it in sounds like.  Thankfully there were only nine songs to endure.  As for that ninth song, I’m not a fan of the old Bread song “Make It With You,” but after hearing Nash’s version I hate this song even more.   Outstanding decision to end the CD with this dreadful remake.

Rating 1

The Mobbs!

“It’s the Mobbs!!”
Style (Punk / Rock)

There’s a lot to be said for a band that can bang out music that’s charismatic, has a great sense of humor and style, sounds like they’re having fun playing music, and makes having a pint in the pub with live music a fun experience.  Aside from digging the overall production, what I really like about this trio’s sound is the fullness within each instrument.  Each musician’s ability and style stands out uniquely and they bring it all together wonderfully.   I’m looking forward to checking out the band’s two previous releases to hear how they progressed to this point.

Rating 3 ½