The ‘New Blues Revolution:’ Taking Root & Coming On Strong

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New Blues Revolution

New Blues Revolution ( I to r, Chap Cooper and Bill Grisolia ) play the House of Blues/L.A. on April 28.

Nominated for Musical Group of the Year by the L.A. Music Awards, the New Blues Revolution continues a long winning streak in 2012.   The band previously Hosted the Red Carpet for the awards show.  The band leads the vanguard of the new blues movement in the U.S.  Akin to the boom in the British Blues in the 1960’s, they work to broaden, deepen and contemporize the blues.1

All Access Magazine (AAM) recently spoke with band members Bill Grisolia (BG) and Chap Cooper (CC).

AAM: How did you come about choosing the band name New Blues Revolution (NBR)?

BG:  Our name comes from our goal to contribute musically to what is happening currently in the blues. We researched our favorites like the Black Keys, Joe Bonamassa, Derek Trucks, Susan Tedeschi, and John Mayer and found a movement in music called the New Blues.  A new genre!  We love this music.  When we found this movement on Wikipedia, we knew we wanted to be a part of it, as they say, “….the contemporised form of the deep blues…. akin to the British blues boom of the mid 1960s”.  When they called the movement a revolution, we had to agree.  That is why we adopted the name, the New Blues Revolution.  We acknowledge and honor the past and try to expand its musical and lyrical boundaries.  We feel the name successfully conveys both elements. CC: We had been writing together for years with a strong Blues influence before we decided to jump in all the way. Once we started defining our goals and influences, we agreed that the British-influenced blues of the 60’s in combination with traditional blues  forms would become our sole focus. As Bill mentions we came across this movement in England and decided to grab the torch an run with it. The revolution part of the name is all about our tribute and contribution to the blues genre of which we deeply embrace.

AAM: Who are the band members in NBR along with their respective instruments?

Bill Grisolia – Vocals, Piano;  Chap Cooper -All Guitars;  Barry Hayman – Bass;  Phil Hardy- Drums

AAM: How does NBR hope to impact the Blues community?

BG:  We want to bring our artistry and experience to the blues community and embrace and contribute to the rich tradition of the blues.  We wish to help re-vitalize, re-invigorate and re-invent the blues and make new friends world-wide.  The New Blues Revolution helps lead the vanguard of the New Blues here in the United States.

CC: To me the Blues has some very key colors to its palette, we hope to add or contribute to the addition of one more.

AAM: It’s all about the songs with a band. What are some of NBR’s best tunes?

BG: NBR has more than one arrow in our quiver!  You will hear elements of many popular musics in our songwriting notably, pop and rock.  But you will also hear swamp, porch, (“The Big House”, “Sway”) guitar instrumentals (“Pink 7”) and rave-ups (“Let Me Go,” “Lately”).  Some deep blues like “Whiskytown” or the new “99” may be surprising.  For a blues treatise on life, try “Blue Café”.  Or try the funky, “Blue Revolution” for all of you in the 99%.New Blues Revolution

CC: I agree, its all about the songs. On our last album we tried to create a journey as “one song” with the individual tunes akin to chapters in a book. Each chapter means a lot to us and they are meant to connect yet be very different at times.  It’s about the journey. AAM:  Who are some of NBR musical influences?

BG: Led Zeppelin, Howlin’ Wolf, Rolling Stones, Jeff Beck, Willie Dixon, Ben Folds, Elton John, Billy Joel

CC:The British invasion for starters, then Howlin Wolf, Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters, Screamin Jay Hawkins, Bo Diddley, Lightnin Hopkins, John Lee Hooker, Clarence ” Gatemouth” Brown ( spent a whole day with him once ) and then to todays players like –  Duke Robillard , Ronnie Earl, Hubert Sumlin and Robben Ford.

AAM: Congratulations on the band’s Los Angeles Music Awards 2012 nomination for “Musical Group of the Year.” How did that happen?

BG: Barnstorming live performances across the Southland and in the Midwest and Europe.  100 dates and 6 festivals last year.  Relentless touring; high-energy performances…and naps.

CC:Yes, lots of naps…

AAM:  NBR has a show coming up at the House of Blues on April 28. Is this the best room in Southern California for a Blues group to play at?

New Blues RevolutionBG: As House of Blues Artists, we are biased.   We loved performing i8n the Main Room with Dan Navarro & the late, Eric Lowen.  We also enjoyed playing with Blood, Sweat & Tears at their Downtown Disneyland location – they perfected their technical and production chops by the time they got to that one – the L.A. room was number 3 in the chain.  It will always have special significance to the blues scene in L.A.!  For a nightclub/concert hall, nothing says “Blues” like the “House of Blues” – and you can quote me!

CC: There is a great vibe there – it’s like the ultimate kennel for Blues Hounds.

AAM:  Going forward and looking down the road, where do you hope for NBR to be at in, say, five years from now?

BG: Nominated/winning the Best Blues Album Grammy.  More festival, concert, nightclub work here and abroad.  Suing for peace.  Reading a book about Chap’s dog, Ziggy.

CC: Completing a few movie sound tracks for the Weinstein Brothers, recording and performing in more far off lands and gently evolving.               

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