Michael Olivieri Band

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You may be familiar with 80s metal band LEATHERWOLF that formed back in 1981. The group was nicknamed the “Triple Axe Attack” for pioneering the use of the 3 guitar line up in heavy metal. The band released five albums and was a favorite back in the day when MTV played videos for their videos The Calling and Hideaway which still has life on VH1 Classics. The band still occasionally reunites with all original members.

Michael Olivieri Band Fast forward to 2009, Michael Olivieri (vocalist/guitarist) put out his first solo album, Goodbye Rain. His passion for playing multiple instruments stands out on this modern take on classic rock.

Now Michael has formed a band called the MICHAEL OLIVIERI BAND which in January 2012 released their first album together titled “M.O.B.”. The band also consists of long time band-mate Dan Lucett, Buzzy James, KK Martin, Paul Wilson, Tom Croucier and Eric Von Herzen.

The seven got together in Michael’s living room in Fall 2011 than went into FOR THE RECORD STUDIOS to lay down the tracks. All 7 of the band members began multi-tracking, capturing that real band sound. The album was produced by Michael and mixed by legendary producer Kevin Beamish (Kenny Chesney, REO, Leatherwolf).
The guys have created a new musical genre which has a southern rock, country, classic rock and outlaw country feel.

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More on Michael Olivieri Band can be found at www.michaelolivieriband.net.

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