KingQueen-‘Get Loud’

Written by on March 22, 2012 in March 22, 2012, Music Reviews - Comments Off on KingQueen-‘Get Loud’

KingQueenThe new Album “Get Loud” by Swedish bred artist KingQueen makes you do just that. Beginning with the opening track “Tornado” which has one of the catchiest shout along chorus I’ve heard in a long time, KingQueen gets her message out right off the bat. She wants to make you dance and have fun, but most importantly she wants you to “Get Loud”…and this album makes it very easy to do so. With infectious choruses in all 9 of the songs on the album, you will be singing along in no time. This album reminded me why I love Swedish bands so much. They are undeniably fun! And not afraid to be so. They aren’t trying hard to be obscure and different. Instead they take what has worked before and make it work again. Melody, melody, melody equals hits! It’s not often you come across an album where every song is good, but this album, I have to say, not one song is bad. And the best part is that all of the songs are unique in their own way.

There’s a good balance of fast paced, poppy rock songs mixed with a handful of ballads. The song “Romantic” reminded me of some classic Roxette and the song is rich in it’s simplicity. “Rollercoaster” is a fun song that shouts “I’m gonna dance all night to get over you” which is destined to be an anthem for all broken hearted girls around the world. It also has some interesting synths going on in this track which adds depth and gives it somewhat of an 80’s vibe…and come on, who doesn’t love a good 80’s jam, right? “James Dean” has the same synth feel to it and once again, a catchy as hell chorus. But the songs that stood out the most to me were 2 ballads, or slow songs, if you will. “Just Go Home” and “Don’t say You’re Sorry.”

KingQueenThe former of the two, tells the story of a break up, which we can all relate to, but it’s executed in a way that is very empowering. By the end of the song, it is clear, this girl is over the pain, doesn’t care about ANY of the good memories because things have gone so far off track she just wants you to go h! ome! “Don’t say You’re sorry” is the last track on the CD and in my opinion, might just be the best. It starts off as a beautifully haunting acoustic song, but quickly picks up tempo in the second verse and finally by the end of the song it’s so up tempo, you forget you are even listening to the same song. The way it flows so naturally and seemlessly is quite impressive. That song has hit and classic written all over it. All in all, I was impressed with this album more than I was expecting to be. Way to go Sweden, you did it again! Do yourself a favor and “Get Loud” with KingQueen.