Hell or Highwater

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Hell or Highwater

Two winters have past since iconic metal band, ‘Atreyu’ went on official hiatus, but this doesn’t mean things are quiet with the band members, especially for Brandon Saller, the drummer/vocalist of Atreyu. Brandon had been writing songs for a future project back in the days of Atreyu, songs that weren’t quite appropriate for Atreyu’s music style. Just over a year ago, Brandon began performing in a temporary status as the ‘Black Cloud Collective’. After which, he went searching for his perfect family of band mates, to accompany Brandon, along came ‘Joey Bradford’ on the bass, ‘Matt Pauling’ and ‘Neal Tiemann’  on guitar, along with ‘Kyle Peek’ on drums. Along with the new family came a new name for the band… Hell or Highwater were born!

With a different style of sound to that of Aatreyu, Brandon has brought the best rock/metal band to the surface in decades! It was always going to be a torn divide between fans of Atreyu and fans of Hell or Highwater, but none the less, Brandon and the guys have got a surefire certainty with the new band. The fan base is growing tremendously and the self-released debut album, ‘Begin Again’, is going down a storm in America and spreading globally. Personally, I’ve not been this excited by a debut album since Metallica’s ‘Kill’Em All’!

An 11 track masterpiece featuring some great fist-pumping rock from songs such as ‘Gimme Love’ and ‘Hail Mary’. You then have a track entitled ‘Terrorized in the Night’ which has recently become their first music video. You have some soul wrenching tracks to follow with ‘Tragedy’ and ‘Find Time to Breath’, if this isn’t enough, track seven of the album, entitled ‘Go Alone’ was written and performed in partnership with Matt Shadows of ‘Avenged Sevenfold’! It’s kind of like a heavy metal country song that has been a huge favorite of both bands followers.

As the album draws to an end, it climaxes with an almighty anthem of a song called ‘We All Wanna Go Home’, I’m totally at a loss why Brandon chooses to finish his shows with this one. It’s the last thing his crowd wants to do is ‘go home’!

Hell or HighwaterThe guys have been busy playing various gigs in America, they played last year’s Uproar festival, and recently they were the biggest hit at the ‘musink’ festival. Just last weekend they performed at a charity gig in support of the soldiers!

Brandon is an amazing drummer, but having stepped out from behind the drum kit, he has been able to showcase his vocals and can now have fun being upfront, and one to one with the crowd. I can tell you, he’s having a great time!

Hell or Highwater struck a perfect cord with me and it may come as a surprise to you that I’m actually from Wales in the United Kingdom.  I have yet to see them live myself, but I am a leader of the UK street team for Hell or Highwater.  I’ve managed to get them a review in Kerrang! This magazine is one of Britain’s most popular, and I’ve another going into ‘Powerplay’ magazine at the end of March. I’m now working on behalf of the band as an official publicist, only because I love what these guys are doing and if Ii can help them achieve the recognition they deserve, then I’ve done my job.

Currently I’m trying to get them on the Hardrock Hell 6 festival that is taking place at an out of season holiday camp in Wales this December, along with eighty other bands or so. With hope they will reach out to the people of Britain and show them too, what they are made off.

In the meantime, why not checkout the album, ‘Begin Again’ and find out for yourselves what’s arrived in the form of ‘Hell or Highwater’. You won’t regret it!