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Since 2005 Volbeat has been converting fans one concert, one cd, one song at a time… pulling together a fevered mass of devotees that bow at the altar of their style of rock and roll… it’s the fanatical formula that has defied all odds.

VolbeatErupting on the European music scene, Volbeat fired it up, and with each release created a chain reaction of barely contained combustion; a musical flamethrower that has changed the history of modern music forever. What better way to document their rise and illustrate their appeal than the dvd Live From Beyond Hell/Above Heaven.

Led by Michael Poulsen and with Jon Larsen (drums), Thomas Bredahl (guitar) and Anders Kjølholm (bass) Live From Beyond Hell/Above Heaven illustrates how this inimitable foursome has single handedly bridged the chasm between everything from country, blues , punk, rock and metal to form an entirely new genre… one that could have never been predicted and one that still defies all the rules.

Chart toppers, platinum albums, and sold out arenas…and now two discs of Volbeat playing live.

Just as Volbeat has paved an entirely new musical path, Live From Beyond Hell/Above Heaven proves that there are live shows and then there are Volbeat’s live shows and the disparity couldn’t be more evident.

This is no ordinary dvd, it’s a coming attraction, drive in that has the feel of a Brando movie, that was directed by Johnny Cash and edited by Tom Araya. Filmed on 11 cameras, leaving no musical stone unturned, this is as close to a back stage pass as you can get.

With engines revving, Volbeat takes Live From Beyond Hell/Above Heaven into over drive and jacks up their musical ride with footage from their sold out show in front of 10,000 fervent fans at the Forum in Copenhagen, to the House of Blues in Anaheim, CA and the Rock am Ring show in Germany. It’s Volbeat conquering performance territory Stateside and across Europe, showing fans that the band is just as comfortable, charged and throttled in front of an audience as intimate as 1100 or as vast as 80,000.

Lead singer Michael Poulsen notes, “We’ve been touring massively in Europe and when you have such a big production you’re proud because you remember those days of playing in front of 15 people, but then playing small gigs keeps you from becoming routine, it’s exciting and energetic, we’re back to being kids again and we’re having fun. This tour has truly been the best of both worlds, stadiums and club shows..we pull from the energy of both and there is no one highlight, every day has its own highlight”.

No matter where they play, Volbeat is finding a solid fan base. Bassist, Anders  Kjølholm and drummer Jon Larsen observe “Germany Fans are great, our Danish fans are awesome and in the US the fans have been really energetic and it gives back to us, makes us even more energetic, it fuels us to give something back to the fans. We never planned this, it just happened and the crowds have been going crazy”. Jon adds, “It’s been really surprising how many of our “new” fans are recognizing our older songs and requesting them! We never expected that, so we changed our set so that the fans could hear the old, the new and everything in between”.

The newest member of the group, guitarist Thomas Bredahl, remembers what it was like when he was seeing his favorite bands and puts that same dynamism into each and every show. “ We’ve been very busy, its city to city, 100 shows a year doing what we do, and we’re in cities we’ve never heard of and yet the venues are packed.. it’s incredibly humbling when you meet fans who have driven 12 hours to see a show, so we remember when we followed our favorite bands and give every show, everything we have”.

“Everything” in the Volbeat world means it’s not a main event, it’s every event… and Volbeat proves there is only one band that can master the stage… any stage… anywhere.

Joined by such musical greats as Scott Ian and Rob Caggiano of Anthrax/The Damned Things ), Michael Denner (Mercyful Fate), Mille Petrozza (Kreator),   Jacob Øelund, and L G (Entombed) , viewers also get a rare opportunity to see Volbeat in their element… a rock and metal Hall of Fame.

Finally, Live From Beyond Hell/Above Heaven is more than a dvd, it’s an initiation into a world where rules don’t exist, the outlaws of metal reign and angels and rebels cruise heaven in a muscle car without any brakes.