Search for the Hidden Gem (2011 – vol# 10)

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Search For The Hidden GemThe madness of the black Friday pepper spray has come and gone and I’ll just have to suffer a little while longer with jeans that are too tight after all that turkey, stuffing and wine I over indulged in. And there’s no point putting wider jeans on my Xmas list since I’ll only get fatter drinking all that good red wine with some tasty reindeer jerky and sausages. But before I fire up the jerky dehydrator, just in case you missed the earlier reviews, here are a few CD’s from 2011 that caught my ear (in no particular order).

  1. Jay Gordon’s Blues Venom – “No Cure” (reviewed in vol #8)
  2. Adept – “Death Dealers” (reviewed in vol #8)
  3. Curt Yagi and The People That Stand Behind me – “Close My Eyes” (reviewed in vol #2)
  4. Mojo Monkeys – “Blessings & Curses” (reviewed in vol#3)
  5. Trapt – “No Apologies” (reviewed in vol #4)
  6. Berger/Sanchez Project – “self-titled” (reviewed in vol #7)