Presenting ‘Her Wildcat Lovin’ Majesty’, ellee ven

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“Electronic-dance act ellee ven’s mesh of of seemingly disparate elements unifies for an upbeat ethereal grab bag of tribal beats and treats, accompanied by Ven’s dreamy, girlish vocals… who needs chemical enhancement? ellee ven’s “Her Wildcat Lovin’ Majesty” is one fervent elixir.”


ellee venThe former Los Angeles Music Awards winner’s music is an exciting, cutting-edge blend of electro-pop, hip-hop, and rap that can be heard to fine effect on her body of work including CDs Dangerous Diversions and Her Wildcat Lovin’ Majesty. ellee ven divides her time and music recordings between residences on the East and West coast, working with a posse’ of talented musicians including rapper Prodeje, DJ Swamp, and Anthony Lee. Ellee Ven also operates a music/pop culture website, Groovetonics (whose mantra is “Groovetonics – Enhance Your Senses”), home to both English Dance-Pop duo Goldfrapp as well as ellee ven herself.

ellee ven (ev) was interviewed by All Access Magazine (AAM) recently.

AAM: Who is Ellee Ven?

ev: ellee ven is me, Jessica Lazaro Kunin. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and am Spanish, Greek, Italian Russian and German. I was a school teacher and liberal arts major who discovered there is a bigger classroom in this world and decided that music was a great vehicle of expression. I was sort of living half way and the whole ellee ven thing was a way of trying to live my best life. Actually doing the things I dreamed of and by spending my time only with people that can really compliment my journey

AAM: Musically-speaking, what are you working on right now?

ellee venev: In October of this year we did a couple of shows and had the chance to get in studio for a few days… what’s resulted was a fun fusion of hip hop and lounge. That’s how I’d describe it. It falls in line with our sound, which we call Groovetonics. It’s definitely danceable but it’s getting back to the basics with live drums and horns that really accent the electronic elements in a powerful way. I love the new songs. Our plan is to keep at it and hopefully we will have a new album by the end of April 2012.

AAM: When did you first discover than you had an itch to be a musician?

ev: I didn’t really think of it as a profession until much later as in after college and after love and marriage and divorce. But I ALWAYS had the itch. I would imitate whatever I’d hear. In the 8th grade is when I first did a play and started in this group called Vocal Jazz Ensemble, which just really turned me on to the joys of remixing classical melodies.

AAM: What are some of the favorite songs you have written, and why?

ev: The first one that comes to mind is UNDER MY SKIN. It is a song that I just feel is great. The lyric always seems to apply and in my mind it’s a signature song because it was the first song I recorded with Swamp that I saw was going to easily translate to live performance. I truly never get sick of it. I don’t do a live show without including it. My latest favorite is called JUMP TO FALL, I think it’s opening us up to a whole new direction and I just can’t turn it off. I love all my songs though. Even the ones I like less.

AAM: What led you to the Electro-Pop/Hip-Hop road of music you presently create?

ellee venev: That’s a pretty involved question but in a nutshell I really love music because it’s definitely a “no rules” sort of world and I am constantly amazed at how the most UNCONVENTIONAL combinations can truly create the most familiar sounds… I just record the sounds I enjoy listening to…

AAM: Tell us about your “Give Into The Groove” charity.

ev: I started GIVEINTOTHEGROOVE in 2001 in L.A., mostly because I was becoming frustrated with all the bad bookings I endured. I was playing alongside bands whose music really wasn’t like mine and I really wanted to build my fan base so I figured I’d create a night that I would love to be a part of. I knew my fans would love a little bit of my kind of music, some other kinds too, some fashion, some art, PLUS I knew my fans are generous and would respond to giving to something other than a club night. I was very involved with the Los Angeles Free Clinic at the time so we benefited them the first and second year. The event has grown exponentially and we have drawn attention to lots of causes nationally. Do check out for more details.

AAM: You’ve been working with L.A.-based rapper, Prode’je for a few years now. How did that happen?

ev: I was working with my guitar player Anthony Lee who is still my lead guitarist and also my producer now. He actually started producing some music with Prodéje and just thought we were a match. He felt our personalities would mesh and it’s always been really easy, breezy and productive.

AAM: What is “Groovetonics,” how and why did you create it?

ev: Well it’s GrooveTONICS… lots of people throw in the R . I created it only to put a name on my sound. The running theme is it makes you move (groove) and it lifts the mood (like a tonic).

AAM: I see you split your professional time between the 2 L’s, Los Angeles and Lexington (Ky). Why is that?

ev: Really I’m a citizen of the world. I’ll be adding to that list. There’s not really a reason other than I love travel. I love changes in scenery and I love the seasons.

AAM:What do you see happening for Ellee Ven in, say, the next five years?

ev: I see me moving more into music licensing and producing. Producing music, events and even clothing. I will continue to write and perform but when I’m a little old lady I’d like to foray into fashion AND hopefully develop new talent and experiences too.

AAM: Care to tell our readers anything about yourself that you haven’t shared with the media before?

ev: sometimes wish I’d sought out major label support. While nine times out of ten I really am grateful that I’ve carved my own way, there is just so much I didn’t know and don’t know about the BUSINESS of music. I sometimes think if I’d asked for help more people would know my music. BUT at the end of the day, I truly believe that my music is a direct result of my experience so every song I’ve written is based on those choices.