John Prink

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John PrinkThree Of… is a three piece band comprised of Jose Valdes (Bass, Vocals), Drew Nash (Guitars, Vocals) and John Prink (Drums).

Three Of… first formed in April 2007 and began performing live in July of that year. The band was quick to come up with a repertoire of original songs and released their first full-length CD entitled “Ginko Girl” in March 2008. Quickly gaining speed in the San Francisco Bay Area, the band performed 38 shows in 2008 at a variety of different venues.

Jose has a background in salsa music and funk but blends these sounds with his “Sting”-like vocals to create a wide range of melodic tunes ranging from pop to grunge/metal.

Having spent time as a street musician in Boston, Drew has his musical background in classic rock and folk. Drew and Jose collaborate together to create textures and patterns that are musically unique.

John, a native of New York City has been playing drums since he was 9. With a background in classic rock, hard rock, funk, soul, R&B, ska and punk he brings a unique drumming experience to the band.