Psychedelic Rock: Alive And Well In The Hands of San Francisco’s Electric Shepherd

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Electric ShepherdElectric Shepherd are a young trio whose progressive-aggressive psychedelic rock sound has been described as “warrior music” by the San Francisco Chronicle. Consisting of Mark Nelsen, guitars-vocals; Tommy Anderson, bass; and Sonny Pearce, drums, the San Francisco born and bred group seamlessly blend the best elements of psychedelic, blues, and trance, in addition to a hearty dose of indie-rock. Electric Shepherd sports a very cerebral, jam-based musicianship; found in their songs are intimate journeys of vast color and warmth – resulting in inspirational, operatic bliss with the occasional haunting pit stop. Along with bands such as Sleepy Sun, Wooden Shjips, The Gris Gris, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and Ty Segall, Electric Shepherd are at the fore of this re-born, distinctly San Francisco sound.

All Access Magazine (AAM) recently interviewed the band’s drummer, Sonny Pearce (SP).

AAM: What is Electric Shepherd?

SP: Electric Shepherd is a psych-jam based trio out of San Francisco.

AAM: That’s an interesting band name. How did the monicker “Electric Shepherd” get created?

Electric ShepherdSP: Inspiration for the name was drawn from Phillip K Dick’s novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” and our mutual love for 60’s psychedelia.

AAM: Please describe the Electric Shepherd sound.

SP: The ES sound draws a lot from 60’s acid rock and psychedelia alongside a heavy dose of trance-inducing tribal ragas. Songs may be short in its original inception but may be played much longer and with much imporvisation live on stage.

AAM: Your band has become an integral part of the burgeoning Psychedelic revival in the Bay Area. Talk about that.

SP: We pride ourselves on being true locals, as in born, raised and having stayed in the city. Being from a city rife with such musical history and richness, we are paying respect to that history while staying true to the music we all love. This is where psychedelia and acid was born, and this is where it’ll stay.

AAM: Electric Shepherd recently released a 12″ vinyl copy of “Chem Trails,” which is really cool. What’s up with that?

SP: Vinyl has had a huge comeback in the last few years. We are all avid vinyl collectors and enthusiasts seeing it as a piece of art as well as something to listen to and with that in mind, not only does it sound better, it’s a more tangible extension of our work as opposed to a purely digital or CD release.

AAM:The band embarked on a cross-country U.S.tour this past Summer. How did that go?

SP: That was a great tour, albeit merely a test on a few levels: a test for ourselves to see if we could handle it (which we can) and to establish the connections so we have a reason to do it again with people willing to support our cause.

AAM: You guys have recently played some cool gigs, including Frisco Freakout and the yearly Haight Asbury Street Faire. What’s been your favorite live show to date?

SP: Each show is unique individually as well as collectively, but I personally feel every gig is the best we’ve ever done.

AAM: So what’s up in the near future for Electric Shepherd?

SP: We’re in the middle of recording our next album hopefully being released in the Spring. There’s also the never-ending fight to gain substantial label interest. Aside from that, just gigging as much as possible and hopefully tour very very soon.

AAM: When all is said and done, what would Electric Shepherd like to be most remembered for?

Electric ShepherdSP: Being musicians and artists on an organic, real level is what we’d like to be remembered for. But there’s no need for writing an epitaph here, I see only endless possibilities and have nothing but the most positive outlook on the things to come.