Big Shot Reub And The Reloaders: Blues Sound Fine In The ‘619’

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“Despite his obvious virtuosity, (frontman) Vigil is not a one-man show or grandstander… the Reloaders have a cohesive sound… “Love Comes Knocking” turns up the tempo with some flashy guitar work reminiscent of Stevie Ray Vaughn… the gloves come off in “Survive,” where Vigil channels Jimi Hendrix, complete with reverb, wah wah, and other electronic effects. Blues fans should give this album a serious listen.”


Big Shot Reub & The Reloaders (Reuben Vigil, lead guitar-vocals); Jodie Hill (bass); Ric Lee (drums) played and performed in various San Diego bands before coming together to record ROUNDHOUSE BLUES, which in Vigil’s words, “is a labor of friendship and getting my friends back to work. In this effort all processes have been near seamless. I am a lucky man.” ROUNDHOUSE BLUES is nominated for “2011 Blues Album of the Year” by Bluesforum, a great way to end a year that has definitely seen Big Shot Reub and the Reloaders’ star greatly rise in the world of independent Blues acts.

All Access Magazine (AAM) recently spoke with Reuben Vigil (RV). Here’s how it went.

AAM: Ok, so – who is Big Shot Reub?

RV: Reuben Vigil, son of Celia C. Cota and Alfred Thomas Vigil, raised in San Diego, Poway to be exact.

AAM: A very interesting aspect of your career is that you took approximately 30 years off from playing music! How did that come to pass, and what led to you playing music again?

RV: Shortly after getting involved with my first real band, I had my first real High School Crush!!! From that point on my guitar took a back seat to Romance.

AAM: Everyone is influenced by someone or another when it comes to music. Who do you count as your main influences, be they alive or deceased?

Big Shot Reub & The ReloadersRV:The Allman Brothers, Eric Clapton, BB King, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck…

AAM: Tell us about some of your songs, starting with “Viva Bracero”?

RV: The songs on “ROUNDHOUSE BLUES” are my work. Some of the songs are more then twenty years old, some of the songs were a few weeks old at the time of recording. VIVA BRACERO is a tribute to the unskilled migrant workers welcomed in to this country following the Great Depression.

AAM: Cool band name. How did you come up with it?

RV: Big Shot was a name given me by a former work manager. I have a friend that is into guns, for a while, he was a reloader, loading his own ammo with gun powder. Big Shot and Reloader kind of went together.

AAM: What is the current state of the live music scene in San Diego where you live?

Big Shot Reub & The ReloadersRV:Very competitive, but San Diego is getting a reputation for great Blues.

AAM: You’ve been doing shows both electric and acoustic. Do you have a preference for one or the other?

RV: I like both, Electric allows me to stretch and experiment, Acoustic keeps me conditioned and focused on more traditional pursuits.

AAM: Do you have any charities or causes that either you and/or your band support?

RV: Not at this time, but we have done benifits in Encinitas and Carlsbad for Veterans and Community Improvement groups.

AAM: Finally, if you could be totally in control of your music career, where would you want Big Shot Reub and the Reloaders to be in, say, five years from now?

RV: I would like to have at least one more album recorded. I have done local, national and international events, I would like to continue playing these events with my Acoustic and Electric acts.