“Paul Rodgers & Friends Live at Montreux 1994” on Eagle Rock Entertainment

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Paul RodgersPaul Rodgers one of the best rock male vocalist in the business has released “Paul Rodgers & Friends Live at Montreux 1994”on CD/DVD by Eagle Rock Entertainment. This supergroup features Queen’s Brian May, Black Country Communion/Bonham Jason Bonham, Toto’s Steve Lukather and Journey’s guitarist Neil Schon and are joined by guitarist Ian Hatton and bassist John Smithson. The DVD kicks off with Rodgers introducing this 1994 exciting and electric lineup rocking the blues on this disc and on CD. Rodgers voice has stood the test of time whether he was performing with Free, Bad Company, The Firm to Queen and beyond be it blues, rock’n roll, ballads, R & B or Pop there isn’t anything this talented man cannot sing.

The first song on the DVD is “Traveling Man” starting off this performance in the making 17 years ago at Montreux 1994 and displays their rockin’ blues bent easily slipping into a slow jam on “Muddy Water Blues” where Rodgers is interacting with the audience. Neil Schon performs an amazing guitar solo on the song “Fire and Water,” with the drumming finesse of Jason Bonham. The incomparable Brian May joins in on “Good Morning Little School Girl.” Rodgers sings his standards during his time with Free and Bad Company… including an upbeat, “Feel Like Making Love,” with the help of Steve Lukather, “Can’t Get Enough,” and ‘All Right Now,” with the crowd joining in.

While many of the songs performed were songs that Rodgers penned and built a sterling reputation on (including “All Right Now,” “Can’t Get Enough,” and “Feel Like Making Love”) the bulk of the songs performed that evening were nothing but the blues they put their own spin on the Robert Johnson classic from 1936 “Crossroads” burst with energy. The evening capped off with an incredible line up of blues artists including Eddie Kirkland, Sherman Robertson, Luther Allison, Robert Lucas, and Kenny Neal.

Paul Rodgers vocals have been associated with classic music and one of the true great vocal sounds which has been easily identifiable throughout his 40 years in the business. His love for the blues and his ability to pair together some of the best musicians in the business is showcased here on this DVD and CD. The clarity of the visuals on the DVD is fantastic and the music is uplifting. The crowd at Montreux is very engaging interacting with the band and obviously enjoying these talented performers. If you enjoy Rodgers in all his glory and his supergroup bandmates this DVD will suit your fancy.