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“Kill The Machine” Tour
The Norva- Norfolk, VA.

Photography by: Stephen Gibson Photography

Brian WelchBrian “Head” Welch/lead guitar & vocals, along with Michael “Valentine”/Bass, Dan Johnson/Drums, and J.R. Bareis/ Guitar, took the stage and performed a very intimate set to about 200 people. They began the night with an older Korn song titled “Helmet In the Bush”, and followed that up with “Re-Bel” from the “Save Me From Myself” album. Brian seems at this point to be getting lost in the music and feeling the moment. He tells the audiences “move around, it’s a rock and roll show”.

Next up also from the “Save Me” album was “Flush”. At this point, he is trying to get the crowd engaged in the music and he tells them “Come on, get up”, “Thank You guys so much, I’m stoked to be on this side of the country” and “I’m stoked that I’m not shoving stuff up my nose anymore”, “Free at last, Free at last, thank God almighty I’m free at last”, which led him to the next song “Save Me From Myself”, the title track from the previous album.

This is my first time seeing him, hearing his music at all because to tell the truth, I liked the music when he was with Korn but I never went to a live concert because I was worried about the crowds. While he is getting into some of the songs from the “Save Me From Myself” album you can see the pain of his memories while he is performing, it’s very emotional to me watching him because you can almost feel the pain that he went through, you can feel the emotions that he feels when he performs these songs. He gets down on his knees at this point, and it almost seems like he is reliving a part of his past, the defining moment of his salvation, the very minute he decided to change his life. I literally had chills at this time and while it was cold in the building, I know that isn’t why. I was very moved.

Brian WelchNext up was another Korn song “Blind”, telling the audience to “make some noise”. When he was finished he went into the lyric from “Amazing Grace”, “I once was blind, but now I see” and went on to play his newest single from his upcoming 2012 album, “Paralyzed”. He told the audience “Life sucks sometimes but God can get you out of anything, it’s never over, just when things seem the worst, they turn around”.

He finished the night by telling the audience “Thank You”, and asks “Jesus bless these people, give them a new beginning”.

I was impressed with the music, as a matter of fact I went out and bought the “Save Me From Myself” album after this concert, I liked it so much. I was equally impressed by his on stage presence. I know it has to be so different for him to play to these small audience gatherings when he used to play to thousands. It has to be quite an adjustment but he has such a command of the stage and like I said earlier, I was very moved at quite a few points tonight. I really could see and feel the emotion coming from him as he performed and addressed the audience. There was no preaching, it didn’t come off as a tent revival or church or anything, for those of you who have been staying away because you were worried that his would be the case it’s not and I encourage you go give it a good listen and come out and support him and his band, they deserve it and are well worth it.

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I am looking forward to the release of the new album next year and I hope to see them live again.

I would like to thank Brian “Head” Welch and the band along with New Ocean Media for the opportunity to attend tonight’s show.