All Access Interview with Allie Jorgen of Le Reverie

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Allie JorgenSoCal Goth-Rock group LeReverie, fronted by dynamic lead vocalist Allie Jorgen, is getting more acclaim by the day – most recently, selected a “Top 100 Unsigned Artist For 2011” by respected national trade publication, Music Connection.

All Access Magazine interviewed the group prior to their upcoming show at the Key Club in Hollywood on Saturday, December 3 as Direct Support to Pink Floyd tribute band, Which One’s Pink?

AAM: So what’s the latest goings-on with Le Reverie?

AJ: This has been an amazing and busy year for us. After we won the Los Angeles Music Award for “Breakout Single of the Year” for our single “Hold Me Down” – Hold Me Down began receiving a tremendous amount of Internet Radio Airplay worldwide. Because of the Internet you can actually reach everyone in Europe and overseas with your music.  We have made a lot of friends in many different countries. We even received some interesting European reviews. The writer for Power Play Magazine in the UK made a “slight” comparison to Evanescence adding that we were progressive and MetallVille Magazine in the UK called us a “Girl-Fronted Dream Theater”. The whole scope of the Music Industry is different and we have learned so much about what the Internet can really offer a band.  We have been fortunate to play some amazing shows: We opened for Rock Icons “Missing Persons” at the Key Club and Michael Oliveri of Leatherwolf at the Galaxy Theater in Santa Ana.  The Press seems to like the 3 song EP “Truth & Lies”(except that the EP is too short) with the favorable press, the shows and internet buzz we have been able to make some noise here in LA, and get the attention of the Music Industry, which can be difficult to do.

We would like to give a huge shout out to All Access Magazine, and thank you guys for everything you do to promote Independent Music, without you and people like you it would be impossible for bands to share their music and get their message out there.

AAM: What does it mean to the band to be selected a “Hot 100 Unsigned Artist For 2011” by respected magazine, Music Connection?

AJ: We are very excited and honored that Music Connection selected Le Reverie. Music Connection scouts the country throughout the year for Artists they believe to be the best up-and-coming Artists for that year and they have chosen Le Reverie as one of their best Artists for 2011.

AAM: LeReverie is playing with one of SoCal’s most popular tribute bands, Which One’s Pink?, at the Key Club in Hollywood on December 3. Tell us about that.

AJ: Le Reverie wanted to do one more final show for the end of the year and our Manager, Roc noticed that Which One’s Pink? was playing at the Key Club Saturday Night December 3rd.  Le Reverie and Which One’s Pink thought it would be a perfect fit as Le Reverie has been called female progressive rock mixed with classic rock.  So we are very excited and we go on at 9:00/9:30 PM right before Which One’s Pink? hits the stage.

AAM: Has the group been doing any recording to follow-up your most recent award-winning EP, Truth & Lies?

AJ: Le Reverie has been writing all year and we have all the songs almost ready to release our full length disc next year. We have been able to perform the songs live and get them into the perfect format for the disc.  We have sent the songs to our Producer Ron Nevison and he has made his tweaks and suggestions, which we have implemented into our live show.  We are very excited about going back into the studio and releasing our first full length disc. Some of the reviewers said the 3 song EP was not enough material to really know what Le Reverie is all about.  We are going to change that.

AAM: The world is an, um, let’s just say, different kind of place these days. Has LeReverie written any songs about our current life and times?

AJ: It is so interesting the ways things are changing.  The Artist and the Musician have a unique opportunity to express the changes that are going on around them. The changing world economy and all the world changes in general affect all of us.  Music is a great way to release that frustration.  Le Reverie has been writing more aggressive music and the lyrics definitely reflect the constant changing landscape.  The interesting thing about lyrics is they are interpretive.  To one person, the lyrics talk of a relationship and to another person they paint the picture of how someone feels about their environment and the world around them.

AAM: Talk about the experience of working with the legendary producer, Ron Nevison.

AJ: Ron is an amazing Producer. He has worked with Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, The Who, Ozzy Osbourne, Thin Lizzy and Heart, just to name a few.  Because he has worked with so many diverse personalities, he has the ability to go into the studio and pull the most amazing performances out of everyone.  Like for me personally, I remember being in the vocal booth and concentrating so completely, that when I went back into the studio for playback I was surprised at the performance he was able to pull out of me.  Everyone in the band said the same thing.  Some Producers have a cookie cutter formula, your music is produced in the same way and your music ends up sounding like all of their other projects.  Ron spends time with the band; he is able to focus on the band’s vision and what they really are trying to say.  Then he has the talent to make that happen.

AAM: If you could perform any one place, where would it be?

AJ: This is a tough question as there are so many great places around the world.  But I would have to say one of the great things about this band is that they really believe in giving back.  I think we would really love to be part of, or sponsor, a show to raise money for the Homeless Shelters for their food and lodging.  There are so many people that really have to struggle just to find food or a place to sleep and if we could raise any amount of money and help in some small way that would really make what we do seem worthwhile.

AAM: Where do you see Le Reverie being in five years as a band?

AJ: We are really excited to share all of our new music with everyone.  The new live video of our song Le Reverie (which means “The Dream” and is the name of the band) will be released in a few days and the message is to follow your dream no matter what. The new CD will be out next year, and we will be launching a small tour to support the CD, as well as all of the ways to reach everyone on the internet.  In the next few years we look forward to reaching more people in the US and in Europe, and to be active and a part of the ever changing landscape of the Music Industry.  We keep growing as a band with all of our different musical influences appearing in our songwriting.

AAM: What’s Le Reverie’s holiday wish for our readers out there?

AJ: The band’s name Le Reverie means “The Dream” (as well as our new song) and the message of the band is for everyone to follow their dream no matter what. Our first single “Hold Me Down” was to tell everyone not to let anyone hold them back or hold them down and not to give up.  Our holiday wish is for everyone to try to keep a kind thought for everyone else, we are all going through these crazy times together. Do not give up on your dream, with all your hard work it will happen!  We are all looking forward to a much brighter 2012!  Thanks again to all of our Friends and Fans for their support and please check out our website – we have all of our social sites on our “Contact” page (twitter, facebook and myspace). And a very special thanks to All Access Magazine for including Le Reverie in your magazine.