Alastair Greene – Through The Rain

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Brand New Release from LeRoi Records

ARTIST: Alastair Greene
TITLE: Through The Rain
FORMAT: Compact Disc (12 Tracks)
LABEL: LeRoi Records
RELEASE DATE: November 11th, 2011


Alastair Greene: Lead Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Ty Tabor: Guitar trade-off solo (right channel) track 3
Tom Lackner: Drums on tracks 4, 5, 9, 10, 11
George Pendergast: Drums on tracks 2, 3, 6, 8, 12
Jim Rankin: Bass on tracks 4, 5, 10; Harmony Vocals on track 5
Misha Feldmann: Bass on track 3
Bush Miller: Bass on tracks 9, 11
Chris Chalk: Harmony Vocals on tracks 3, 6

Alastair GreeneAlastair Greene’s career path has taken some interesting turns over the last couple of years. Between accepting the enviable job as lead guitarist for The Alan Parsons Live Project in 2010, and being the only unsigned act invited to play the 2010 Sonora Blues Festival, Greene has been performing a wide variety of music on stages the world over. Greene also recently signed to LeRoi Record to release his newest recorded offering. THROUGH THE RAIN may come as a bit of a shock to those who only became aware of Greene’s music via his Blues-based live band and previous CD releases.  If his 2009 record WALKING IN CIRCLES was a musical tribute to Greene’s Blues heroes, then THROUGH THE RAIN would be his tribute to his hard rock upbringing.

From the Led Zeppelin-style riffing of the title track, to the Hendrix-meets-Pearl Jam of closer ‘You Will Remember’, Greene spends the majority of his new release in old-school hard rocking territory. THROUGH THE RAIN is even more eclectic than his 2002 debut A LITTLE WISER. ‘Take Me With You’ conjures up laid back Americana sounds that will be familiar to fans of The Black Crowes, while ‘The Real You’ mines a deep Funk Rock groove with extended solos reminiscent of heavier jam bands such as Gov’t Mule. Greene has not abandoned his love for the Blues and its early Rock n’ Roll off shoots, as up-tempo barnburner ‘T’other Way’ and the mid-tempo retro-rocker ‘Stoneroller’ prove. THROUGH THE RAIN also touches on a wide variety of lyrical themes, including stories of love lost and won, songs that question political motives, and introspective topics such as what happens after this life is over.

“My goal for this record was to combine my love of Blues with my Hard Rock influences and make a record that pushes the boundaries and challenges the perceptions of what is considered Blues Rock.” – Alastair Greene

The musician line-up on THROUGH THE RAIN gives the album a wide variety of feels and grooves. The drumming is split between long time Alastair Greene Band drummer Tom Lackner (who has been touring with Jeff Bridges) and former Dishwalla drummer George Pendergast. AGB bassist Jim Rankin, former Summercamp bassist Misha Feldmann and Greene himself share bass duties. As a special treat for guitar fans, Ty Tabor (guitarist for the legendary King’s X) engages in a guitar solo trade-off with Greene on the first single from the record ‘By The Way’.

“Alastair should be playing with the biggest bands in the world. I believe it’s just a matter of time.” – Alan Parsons

Track Listing:

  1. Before The Storm
  2. Through The Rain
  3. By The Way
  4. Get Your Evil On
  5. T’other Way
  6. All Of This Time
  7. Dearly Departed
  8. Take Me With You
  9. Madman
  10. Stoneroller
  11. The Real You
  12. You Will Remember

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