The Feisty PIRANHAS attack the Key Club

Written by on October 20, 2011 in Live Reviews, October 20, 2011 - 2 Comments

Photo by Nicolette Fountain

Feisty PiranhasOnce in a while a band will surprise me on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood. Lets face it , there is a cornucopia of music on the strip.  I have been banging away on the strip since I was a teenager and that’s when Sex , Drugs and Rock n Roll was the in thing. Now the times have changed. The sex is there, but with my wife. No more drugs and the music., well the music  has changed big time.  And when I heard one of the classic rock bands “UFO”  was playing on the Strip I had to get my rear end down.  But this was no ordinary rock show. I noticed a band opening up for UFO called the Feisty Piranhas.

This was the first of two shows in So Cal that Ventura’s own Feisty Piranhas opened up for UFO.  They have a very melodic but in your face sound that mixes punk, reggae, ska, and pop punk.. Peter Lust is the drummer for the band who plays a custom built PIRANHA series drum kit from Ford Drums and an Exotic Birds Eye Maple DW Drum Set, utilizing prototype and production cymbals from Zildjian.  His son Peter Alexander Lust III is the lead vocalist and lead guitarist for the band. He writes most of the music including lyrics even with his hearing impairment. He has only 25% hearing in his left ear (50% with hearing aid) and 5% hearing in his right. David Fox plays rhythm guitar and studied classical music at SFSU. And Ned Gardner rounds out the group with his funky bass playing. They have played with other big bands such as The Dickies, The Tubes, Blue Oyster Cult, The MISFITS and Y&T.

To be honest, this UFO show was a completely different genre of music, but Feisty Piranhas were able to play to the crowds needs and managed  to gain some new fans with their sublimish/reggaeish tone of music. Let’s face it, The Hollywood scene is a hard place to please everyone and their music tastes. But I noticed even the Hard Rockers were clapping  to the Piranhas groove. They also entertain the crowed with songs from their new album . Finishing it off with a cover tune of G&R’S   “ Sweet Child Of Mine“. song by  Ned Gardner ~ Bass for The Feisty’s.  I was really impressed by how they handled themselves on stage.