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Julie BeenhouwerI’d never heard a note of Jesse Macht’s music before Saturday night, but once I did, I felt like I had to write about him. He’s that good.

Here’s the 411 on the singer-songwriter that you need to discover.

Why you should get to know him: His music is ridiculously catchy; even when the song’s a slow one, there’s something that’s going to get you, be it the beat, a lyrical hook or a great harmony with his bandmates. It helps that there’s an upbeat heart to every tune. You won’t find depressing, broody music about the girlfriend that dumped him in his repertoire. Whatever he’s singing about, there’s a real love in there.

He’s also one of those artists who sounds even better live. The EP’s, while great listening, don’t hold a candle to how much energy (and bass) he brings in his performances. Neither I nor my friend who accompanied me to his show at the Hotel Cafe Saturday night had previously heard so much as a note of his stuff, and we both left downloading his songs to our iTunes.

Turning complete strangers into fans over the course of one forty-five minute set? That’s an accomplishment worthy of print.

His resume: Jesse has hit iTunes in a big way in 2011. In February, he released the EP “Love Is Another Drug” and followed it in May with the single “Your Hero.” His most recent work is the EP “Where Is Lerone Kamara” which arrived this month. Visit his artist profile on iTunes.

Why he might sound familiar: He’s the brother of Suits star Gabriel Macht. His music has been heard in series including the E! reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Style Network’s Giuliana & Bill, Ellen, and Real World/Road Rules Challenge for MTV.

He also has a successful career as a composer for film and television under the name “Jimmy Phoenix,” including several promo spots for Nickelodeon. I now know why the music from the Nickelodeon Movies logo was getting stuck in my head.

What you should download first: “Car Is A Bullet.” The great title belies some even better lyrics that prove Jesse has a way not just with music, but with words as well. He has a true creativity with the English language that some prose writers would be jealous of.

Where to see him: He’ll play two more shows at the end of October. On October 21, he makes his first-ever stop in San Diego when he performs at Across The Street at Mueller College.

October 26, he’ll be at Room 5 Lounge in Los Angeles.

He’ll then head north for two dates in San Francisco: The Brainwash Cafe on November 12 and The Hotel Utah on December 10.

How to find out more about him: You can check out his website, his official MySpace page or keep up with him on Twitter. www.jessemachtmusic.com/Jesse_Macht