Hell or Highwater – Brandon Saller

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Uproar Festival 2011

Hell or HighwaterJiffy Lube Live Bristow, VA

Interview by Melissa Gibson
Photos by Stephen Gibson Photography

Hell or Highwater front man Brandon Saller took a few minutes out of his busy schedule with the Uproar Festival to sit down with All Access Magazine and give the readers a little insight into who this band is and what they are about.

All Access Magazine (AAM): How’s it been going on the tour?

Brandon: Great! So far so good. We’re making new friends. This is our 1st tour as Hell or Highwater so it has been fun so far.

AAM: What has been the best part?

Brandon: Getting out the new CD, “Begin Again”. Making new friends and fans. Meeting those fans at the signings. Seeing people get turned onto the music when they hear it.

AAM: Give me one word to describe Hell or Highwater.

Brandon: Sincere. We’re playing because we love it. We don’t try to fit into any molds and we stay true to ourselves.

AAM: The Band name, is it just because or some other reason?

Brandon: We were all coming out of our other projects and coming together. It’s really about making something happen no matter what.

AAM: What do you guys do for fun or to let off steam while you’re on tour?

Brandon: Basically drinking and working out.

AAM: Any particular order?

Brandon: Most of the time working out before drinking.

AAM: What are your musical influences?

Brandon: There are so many. To name a few, Tom Petty, In Flames, The Misfits. It’s such a wide range.

AAM: Who are your favorites now?

Brandon: Again to name a couple, The Foo Fighters, and there’s this new band coming out by the name of Beta Wolf.

AAM: Where do your song inspirations and lyrics come from?

Brandon: They are based from real life experiences. Life through our eyes and dealing with the day to day situations. What I live is what I sing about.

Hell or HighwaterHell or HighwaterHell or HighwaterHell or HighwaterHell or HighwaterHell or HighwaterHell or HighwaterHell or HighwaterHell or HighwaterHell or Highwater

AAM: What’s next after the tour?

Brandon: We are on tour until Christmas and then next year we are working on promoting our album “Begin Again”

Ever since I read a little on these guys before my interview there was one thing that I found out about Brandon that I was curious about so I had to ask.

AAM: You had the chance to go into the studio and record a song on “The Muppets” soundtrack with Billy Martin of Good Charlotte. How much fun was that?

Brandon: That was a no brainer to do it. There was no seriousness; it was a playful attitude in the studio. I’m good friends with Billy so it was a lot of fun.

AAM: Lastly, is there anything you want to say to All Access Magazine, its readers, and fans?

Brandon: Just check out the new album on ITunes, we priced it at $5.99 so that everyone can afford it; anyone should be able to afford to buy music and enjoy it. Come out to the Uproar Festival and check us out.

I would personally like to say “Thank You” to Brandon Saller with Hell or Highwater for taking the time to sit down and talk with me. I wish them all the best of luck on the tour and with their new album and hope to hear much more from them in the future. I would also like to Thank Paul Travers with Big Picture Media who allowed us the opportunity to interview Brandon.

This band is definitely going to be a force to reckon with if they are ever given the chance to be on Main Stage.

For more information http://www.HellorHighwaterofficial.com