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Richard Burr


Born and raised in the Central San Joaquin Valley, Richard Burr’s music has gained attention and praise throughout the world for his heartfelt lyrics, pure country stylistic approach and creative use of rhythms.


Burr’s latest CD, Avenue 256, continues in the tradition of great songwriters like Bob Dylan, offering the listener inspired storytelling that conveys a very personal message. While fans can count on the sounds and feelings they have become accustomed to from Burr’s music, he reveals that this CD is also a bit of a departure from his past releases. He explains, “Rhythmically, the record has taken on a direction that is new for me and I am really having fun with it. I am experimenting more with creative rhythm structures and I am certainly stretching vocally and enjoying the inspirational quality I infuse into this CD lyrically.” He continues, “I have always been fond of stories of the human struggle.”


The new tracks on Avenue 256 do exactly that. They push and pull us through the broad range of emotions that we feel on a daily basis. Songs like “I Just Breathe” help us to cope by remembering that although there is inner conflict inside that we are battling with, facing our demons, we must learn to persevere and keep breathing new hope into our lives. A creative cover of Bob Dylan’s classic “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right” offers another side to this versatile artist, both paying homage to one of Burr’s greatest influences, but also putting his own mark on an amazing, nostalgic song. “Falling Free” is another memorable track that others can truly cherish like a secret diary filled with an emotional anthem for change. With a blend of soft melodic rhythms, Richard’s strong vocals and poetic lyrical expressions make this song the epitome of how true acceptance can be the ultimate release for all of us and can set us free.


“I Just Breathe” MP3: SKOPE IT HERE! 


Reviews of Burr’s work continue to offer a glimpse into what the public is quickly discovering: a Country/Americana artist who stays true to his roots while also pushing the boundaries of one of America’s favorite genres of music.


“Blessed with a moody gift for writing and a subtle ability for peeling back the hidden layers of our lives, singer/songwriter Richard Burr smolders on his introspective and lyrically rewarding CD “Let it Rain”.”


– George Peden,


Californian Richard Burr is in a great spot to take advantage of the Americana format. Armed with a passel of good songs, this Haggard-looking, Forber-sounding artist has got the goods to make it big in these musically perilous times.”


– Scott Homewood, Country Standard Time


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