Sunset Strip Music Festival

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SSMF 2011

Sunset Strip Music FestivalExceptional weather, frosty beer, sizzling bands and walking down the core of Sunset Blvd. If there is one word to some up that which was the Sunset Strip Music Festival it would be phenomenal. The line up the sponsors, the clubs and even the crowd made this one show you did not want to miss. If you arrived early you had plenty to check out. From the Viper Room all the way down to the Key Club and everywhere in between. The choice was yours.

Unfortunately I was not one of those lucky ones that arrived early. I did not get to see some of the amazing earlier bands. Like The Dirty Heads, Matt and Kim, She wants Revenge and Escape the Fate. But in talking to the crowd no one had anything bad to say about who and what they had experienced in the earlier ours, only that their feet were getting a little exhausted.

The bands weren’t the only thing to watch. The one and only Gene Simmons of KISS was spotted making his way through the crowd with stunning daughter Sophie Simmons on his arm. If you looked around there were some celebrities cruising the crowd. Gwen Stefani was spotted off to the side of the stage. If you looked a little lower to the stage and back you would have seen little Kingston James rocking out to his dad Gavin Rossdale, front man of Bush, while they rocked the main stage.

Sunset Strip Music FestivalSunset Strip Music FestivalSunset Strip Music FestivalSunset Strip Music FestivalSunset Strip Music FestivalSunset Strip Music FestivalSunset Strip Music FestivalSunset Strip Music FestivalSunset Strip Music FestivalWhen I say Bushed rocked the main stage I mean they got the crowd jumping. They played several of their old hits,” Machine Head”, “Glycerine” and ”Comedown” which everyone responded to with tons of energy. They even covered the Beatles “Come Together”. And I will just say everyone came together to see one of the biggest summer shows of the year.

Public Enemy took over on the second stage as Bush was finishing up. I didn’t make it through the crowds in time to catch Public Enemy but that doesn’t mean I didn’t hear them. And I definitely heard the unmistakable “Yeah boi!!” of no one else but FLAVA FLAV!!!!!!! I could hear the crowd screaming as they played their hit “Bring tha Noise” and special guest guitarist Scott Ian of Anthrax took the stage.

Sunset Strip Music FestivalThen there was one. Motley Crue who were honored guests and given the Elmer Valentine Award. With a barrage of cannon fire, smoke, fireworks and two half naked ladies dancing on stage, Vince, Nikkie, Tommy and Mick took the stage. The show didn’t stop there. Not only did they play all their biggest hits Tommy brought along his 360® drum kit, which when he started circling he was joined by DJ Daedmau5 while playing Ohio Players “Love Rollercoaster”. How else do end one sick night? How about 600 gallons of blood coming out of two cannons on either side of the stage, drenching everyone in its path, SWEET!!!

If you didn’t make it you missed out. If you did you are still recovering. Either way can’t wait til the next. Thanks again to everyone who helped pull this together. And as always see you in the pit.