Reward! A plea for a lost guitar…

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On 21 July 2011 in New York City, musician Foster McGinty had been shooting in 100 degree weather in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with his Fender Stratocaster guitar, serial #N983977 color sunburst. After a long day he made his way back to the L train stop at Bedford Avenue with his guitar and luggage from the shoot. He boarded the L heading to Manhattan, propping the guitar up against a corner of the car. An announcement was made that the train was being redirected and would now be headed in the opposite direction. The announcer directed passengers to exit the train and wait for the next to Manhattan. In the shuffle of the crowded car, Foster grabbed his luggage and his messenger bag and walked across the platform. Standing there he suddenly realized he didn’t have his guitar and looked back to see the doors closing with his painted guitar case against the wall. Banging on the windows he ran alongside the car trying to get inside but it slowly pulled out of the station. He could do nothing could but watched as it faded into the tunnel. Foster then pursued the train by taxi, foot and finally rode the train to the last stop to see if it was turned in. It wasn’t. He then rode the train back-getting off at every stop from Canarsie to Bedford to see if it was in any of those booths. Nothing. He has since ridden the L train to every stop again and left fliers in hopes that someone would return it. He checks with the MTA’s lost and found each day but nothing has surfaced. He’s asking all of you to help and offering a $1,500 reward , no questions asked, for it’s safe return. If you have any Information please send him a note via
The sweat I poured into the wood of that Fender Stratocaster is not unlike the sweat and blood a captain on the great ocean pours into the stained wood of his beloved ship. All the years I spent hovering over my instrument I never thought the day would come when it would be stripped from my hands by an unmarked train bound for streets with names I had not known. I feel the texture of the worn neck in my mind and the sounds we created out of air since I was 11. My restlessness is fueled knowing ‘you’re out there somewhere’. I picture it hanging on the dusty walls of a crummy pawn shop in an industrial part of Brooklyn or in unkind hands thrashing it about. Worst of all, whoever has it has know idea what that instrument means.  My lost guitar is not just another instrument. It was THE guitar. My guitar. Given to me by my father after purchasing it from a local man who never got to give it to his son for his 19th birthday because he died in a car crash on his way home from college. I learned how to play on this guitar, wrote my first song on this guitar, unlocked my talent and love for writing on this guitar, and ultimately learned a new language on this guitar. A language I speak with more confidence than my own mouth can make. In the earlier years the guitar was the influencer. It shaped my future far more than any other figure. At the age of 21 I moved to New York City with the guitar on my back and practically nothing else. I wrote and recorded every song for every album on that guitar. Hearing it’s distinct sound on my records brings satisfied thoughts to mind. Where are you? Will I ever see you again or are you just a vivid sonic ghost locked in my memory. If you have any Information please send me a note visit
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