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Flaming LipsTo call a Flaming Lips show a spectacle would probably be an understatement. Between the copious amounts of confetti, costumed extras, lasers and an oversized disco ball, Wayne Coyne and company know how to entertain. What’s more, their trippy brand of alternative rock is equally as enjoyable, and for the witnesses among the sold-out crowd at Red Rocks in Colorado, it was a killer combination.

On the heels of a solid and predictably quirky set from Primus, the Lips wasted no time as the band members took turns emerging onto the stage through the middle of a massive LED contraption that ascended into the open air. Frontman Coyne was last to appear. Encased in a plastic bubble and slowly rolling towards the crowd, Coyne took advantage of many eager hands and slowly scaled to the near midpoint of the amphitheatre, before descending back down to grab his mic and lead the show.

Flaming LipsOn tap for the evening was a full-length run through Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of The Moon”. With a little added Lips’ interpretation, of course. Not surprisingly, the band played up the classic Wizard of Oz reference by weaving in a series songs and visual elements from the iconic film. “Over the Rainbow” was first in line, followed by delightful renditions of “We’re Off To See The Wizard” and “If I Only Had A Brain”. All the while, a legion of Dorothy impersonators hopped around on either side of the band as movie clips (many of Dorothy herself) flashed against the backdrop.

Other highlights from the evening included Floyd’s “Money”, during which cash-filled balloons were hoisted into the audience and eventually into the pockets of a few lucky members who were able to pop the white spheres. The Lips’ take on “Breath”, “Time” and “The Great Gig in the Sky” also proved to be both odd and charming. And, of course, the constant stream of theatrics that accompanied all the Floyd covers only added to the experience.

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The hauntingly beautiful “Do You Realize?” closed out the night. As the only Lips’ original song from the night, it made for a fitting finish to the surreal trip that preceded it.