Queensrÿche – Dedicated to Chaos

Written by on July 21, 2011 in July 21, 2011, Music Reviews - 1 Comment

QueensrycheQueensrÿche return with Dedicated to Chaos; the latest album from the Seattle progressive stalwarts.  Following on the heels of their recent cabaret-style touring show, the band present yet another new facet to the Queensrÿche sound.   Opener “Get Started” kicks things off with a smoldering, classic rock feel.  While the following handful of tracks showcase the band’s experimental tendencies by blending mystical passages with heavy effects with the band’s new-found Broadway sensibility.

However, this is definitely not for fans of the band’s classic metal records Rage for Order, Operation: Mindcrime or Empire.  This is Queensrÿche 2011 and that is an entirely different animal altogether.  Dedicated to Chaos simply lacks the edge and aggression that makes a metal record and leaves fans of their early releases longing for the band’s bombastic, harder sound.  Geoff Tate & company have essentially made a jam record replete with saxophone and atmospheric passages meant for listeners to lose themselves in.  The record is jazz-fusion meets Pink Floyd done in a progressive rock style.

While this is a decidedly un-metal record it does have some fine musicianship and songwriting.  Queensrÿche has never been a band to rest on its laurels; with each subsequent release finding the band exploring new musical territory.  If you’ve enjoyed the band’s last few albums then Dedicated to Chaos is the natural next step in the Queensrÿche journey.

Bottom line: Dedicated to Chaos is for fans of the band’s recent releases.  Those looking for something reminiscent of the band’s late 80’s or early 90’s sound need to look elsewhere www.queensryche.com