Meekos and Me at Hotel Café LA

Written by on July 21, 2011 in July 21, 2011, Live Reviews - 1 Comment

Meekos and MeMeekos and Me performed a refreshing CD release show Wednesday, June 22nd, at 7 PM, at Hotel Cafe, in Los Angeles.

Although the show wasn’t energy rampant, it was an enjoyably mellow change of pace. I was surprised at how many people showed up on an early Wednesday evening. The cozy and dark vibe of the Hotel Café paired well with the intimacy of their sound as well.

Immediately, lead vocalist and guitarist, Joey Colando, and classically trained cellist, Danny Grab, assert themselves as the spotlight performers. Joey’s soft, but full voice, and Danny’s cool cello blend together to create a whimsical sound that would have been appropriate on the Garden State Soundtrack. With Josh Rumer, producer and bassist, Mia Barcia on back-up vocals, and Matt Fleming on drums, the band has a saturated sound.

Meekos and MeThey started their set with “Bags of Color”, a soft cello-heavy lullaby that fixed the pace for the entire show. Undoubtedly their stand out song was their emotionally racked tune “Entropy”. It features Grab’s emotional cello played over a subtle guitar riff accompanied by dreamy vocals and lyrics. A few minutes into the song I came to the realization that they sound a lot like Wilco. They went on to play noteworthy songs “Animals In My Room”, a playfully catchy folk song, and “If I Don’t”.

One of my favorite parts of the show was Danny’s spotlight song “Whistle Everyday”. Danny is charming in his reserved humble presence and his uplifting song reminded me a lot of a Coconut Records song. The happy-go-lucky song should be exit music for a Wes Anderson film.

They ended their set with a narrative song, “Steven and Kristen”, which was well written and fun.

It was a purely relaxing night for anyone who came.