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Isolated Atoms

Isolated Atoms

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Already dubbed the New British Invasion after just one week of live performances in Los Angeles, the Black Country’s ISOLATED ATOMS are poised to spread their dark eighties drama worldwide.   The boys from the UK have been compared to The Cult, Muse and Interpol by industry insiders.  Shortly after their first single ‘Tell Me What I Want’ ( debuted and played on indie stations across the pond, DJ Paul Ripman (Radio Manchester) declared the track ‘Single of the Year’.

With their Joy Division-esque vibe ISOLATED ATOMS began their invasion of America at the Whisky A Go Go on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood.

Isolated AtomsThey followed up immediately with another successful show supporting The Tubes at Redondo Beach’s The Brixton.  Vocalist Grant Leon Ashman, guitarist Mark Neat, keyboardist and bassist David Davies, and drummer Yang are not only easy on the eyes, but write incredible songs.   Known in the UK for their unique and electrifying live performances Ashman has earned the reputation of a cross between legendary front man Jim Morrison and movie monster Hannibal Lecter.  “I think a lot when I’m on stage; I get into a different space and worlds up there,” he explains.  “Plus I get off on just staring at people making myself feel quite intense.  I love the audience’s reactions,” he laughs.

Adding star power aura, the band recorded ‘Tell Me What I Want’ at Parr Street Studios in Liverpool.  “The Studio had loads of history and character,” explains Ashman.  Not only did Coldplay write many of their hits there, Echo & the Bunnymen and Oasis also used the studio.

Discovered by manager Steve Burrows of PPS Music Ltd. two years ago while the band was performing in a local bar in their hometown of West Midlands, England, Neat refers to Burrows as a 5th band member.  “He liked what he saw and ever since then he has been the driving force behind the band.”  Then he adds, “He is just as important as any one of us.”

Isolated AtomsDavies labels their sound ‘Dark and Danceable’ influenced by Dark 80’s Drama.  “We started listening to music together and discovered we all grew up liking Depeche Mode and other great 80’s bands like The Cult,” he says, “and our sound developed as we went along.”   “We also tend to describe our music as English Black Country Electric Rock,” adds Yang.  The band has been influenced by everyone from New Order, INXS and Bauhaus to Gary Numan and David Bowie to Radiohead, The Prodigy and Massive Attack… and Johnny Cash!

The success of their first single piqued the interest of Peter Hook (of Joy Division and New Order fame) so much so that Atoms collaborated with Hook for their next track ‘Play’.   The group followed that with the haunting ‘Here We Go’, which sounds much like where Joy Division would have picked up if not for the passing of lead singer Ian Curtis.

Their latest single, the power ballad ‘How I’ve Tried’ is romantically delicious prompting Davies to comment, “We want to do music that sounds really sexy, you know what I mean?” with a mischievous grin.  ISOLATED ATOMS tracks are available on Spotify (in the UK), iTunes and .

Isolated AtomsBetween live shows during their short visit to the City of Angels the boys also made time to appear on “Focus in The Mix with Denise Ames” TV Show (available to watch at, Past Episodes page on the ‘Best of Missing Persons’ episode) and viewers seem to want more:

Lynsey Robinson: “What a great interview, loved it, go Isolated Atoms!  British Sex Rock!”

Nicola Chesterton: “Thought the interview with the Isolated Atoms was fabulous.”

Alli Fox Lin: “I just watched the episode about the English band Isolated Atoms. They are pretty awesome!!  Are they playing in LA anytime again soon?! “

Isolated AtomsYes to the latter comment.  The band’s management is currently planning more live shows in So Cal this September, including more on the Sunset Strip.  Tour dates will be posted on their websites: ,   and

ISOLATED ATOMS knows that if they want to accomplish their ultimate goals, they need to conquer L.A., then the rest of the U.S.  While Davies keeps it local: “We want to play the Hollywood Bowl”, Ashman sets the stakes much higher: “We want the stadiums!” while Yang admits, “We want to be a band with massive appeal like U2.”

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