Bootsy Collins

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Bootsy CollinsSeqins and Funk rule the night as music royalty lands in Austin.

Cries of “BOOT – SY, BOOT – SY, BOOT – SY” echoed through the venue as Rock N Roll Hall of Famer William “Bootsy” Collins and his mega all-star band took the stage at Austin City Limits – Live at the Moody Theater on June 19.  Bootsy and his “Funkship Enterprise” landed in Austin as part of his Funk U-nity World Tour promoting his latest album, Tha Funk Capital of the World.

The evening started with Mrs. Patti Collins and the “Bootsy Girls” greeting the crowd and introducing some of Bootsy’s students at “Funk University”, his online bass instruction school.  The teens were brought up on stage to talk about what they are learning in the program.

Finally, it was time for the man himself. After a drought of over 15 years, Bootsy staged a fantastic three-hour headlining set which included four costume changes, channeling Elvis. As stage lights reflected off of his purple sequined jacket, pants and stove-pipe hat, Bootsy rocked the venue on his custom, star-shaped bass guitar. While band members, famous in their own right, entertained the crowd, Bootsy changed into a teal and silver ensemble complete with his signature boots and star sunglasses.  For his third set, Bootsy appeared in a silver robe adorned with the image of Casper the ghost.  For the final portion of his show, Bootsy, now dressed in a black t-shirt, black pants and his silver sequined boots, asked the funkateers to “part the red sea” as he joined the audience to dance to the band.

Bootsy CollinsBootsy CollinsBootsy CollinsBootsy CollinsBootsy CollinsBootsy’s impressive band included legendary musicians’ keyboardist, Bernie Worrel and guitarist, Blackbyrd McKnight.  During the show, McKnight performed a Hendrix inspired “Star Spangled Banner” and  Purple Haze.”  At one point, McKnight even played his guitar with his teeth.

The ear-to-ear grin that was ever present on Bootsy’s face was returned by the funk loving crowd as Bootsy and the band brought the show down to the floor to jam with the audience.

Photos by Scott Moore – Limelight Imaging