Bad Company “Bad Company Live at Wembley”

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CD/DVD/Blu-Ray on Eagle Rock Entertainment

Bad CompanyBad Company is one of the finest rock bands to emerge in decades. The band is concurrently releasing “Bad Company Live at Wembley” on CD/DVD/Blu-Ray by Eagle Rock Entertainment. These discs feature Bad Company’s greatest hits all on one compilation. These songs that have stood the test of time come thrillingly to life alongside some rarely heard gems in a 15-song celebration. Songs like “Can’t Get Enough,” “Run with the Pack,” “Gone, Gone, Gone,” “Electric Land,” “Feel Like Makin’ Love,” “Shooting Star,” “Rock and Roll Fantasy,” “Movin’ On,” “Ready for Love,” and “Bad Company,” are featured prominently.

When legendary classic rockers Bad Company performed at the historic British venue Wembley Arena in London on a beautiful April 2010 spring night, high-definition cameras captured the whole evening in all its glory. Eagle Rock Entertainment has released Live At Wembley simultaneously on DVD, Blu-Ray and CD, through its Eagle Vision and Eagle Records imprints.

Paul Rodgers voice is still stronger than ever by far one of the greatest rock singers of all time. For someone who is pushing sixty he sounds amazing. The original members Mick Ralphs and Simon Kirke are back in the line-up and sound fantastic. These celebrated musicians are at the top of their game, playing their beloved songs as hard as ever in front of a packed and enthusiastic crowd.

There was magic in the air as all three original Bad Company members—vocalist extraordinaire Paul Rodgers, guitarist Mick Ralphs and drummer Simon Kirke—are augmented by bassist Lynn Sorensen and guitarist Howard Leese. (Original bassist Boz Burrell died in 2006.)

The set list is packed with every major hit, fan favorites and seldom-heard deep album cuts. The DVD and Blu-Ray includes a band interview.

The DVD kicks off with Rogers oozing exuberant energy singing “Can’t Get Enough,” as Howard Leese strums a glittered guitar with the backing band members giving some stupendous background vocals. “Burning Sky,” finds the band amongst smoke and lightening as Rogers asks the audience if the band is playing alright? Rogers tinkles the ivories on “Run with the Pack,” and twirls the mic stand like a drum leader.

With the clarity of Blu-Ray you have the feeling that you are amongst the crowd. Rogers swinging his mic stand again and tells their fans that the song, “Electric Land,” is about one night in Las Vegas. With a mandolin intro to “Feel Like Makin’ Love,” the crowd gives the band steady approval and sings along with the guys. On “Shooting Star,” Mick Ralphs delivers a rousing guitar solo. Rogers tells the audience that they are sounding good as he dives into “Rock and Roll Fantasy.” The band takes a short break and Rogers returns with a green tank top and gives the first of three encores, “Ready For Love,” next the bands theme song, “Bad Company,” and finishes off the mesmerizing set with “Deal with the Preacher.”

On the interview section of the DVD/Blu-Ray it becomes apparent that their fans are still clamoring after them even though it had been 31 years since they performed in the U.K. The band admits that people still like them and that there is chemistry with Bad Company and their audience. They were surprised at how great the audience sounded and conversely how great the band sounded too. The tour has been an unbelievable success and their legacy holds true that their classic rock sound still resonates with their fans. They were humbled by the fact that other classic rock artists like Robert Plant and Sting came out to hear them perform. They realize that there are different generations coming out to the shows and they hope to come back to Britain to perform again. Their music has stood the test of times and sounds as good today as it did back in the seventies.

Bad Company burst upon the rock’n’roll scene in 1973, and was immediately dubbed a super-group by fans and press alike, as its members all came from very successful popular bands:  Free (Rodgers and Kirke), Mott The Hoople (Ralphs) and King Crimson (Burrell). They lived up to the hype for nine straight years with a string of six soulful hard-rocking albums. After a four-year break, they got back together minus Rodgers (who had formed The Firm with Jimmy Page). Rodgers returned in 1999.

DVD and Blu-Ray Track Listing

  1. Can’t Get Enough
  2. Honey Child
  3. Run With The Pack
  4. Burnin’ Sky
  5. Young Blood
  6. Seagull
  7. Gone, Gone, Gone
  8. Electric Land
  9. Simple Man
  10. Feel Like Makin’ Love
  11. Shooting Star
  12. Rock And Roll Fantasy
  13. Movin’ On
  14. Ready For Love
  15. Bad Company
  16. Deal With The Preacher

CD Track Listing:

  1. Can’t Get Enough
  2. Honey Child
  3. Run With The Pack
  4. Young Blood
  5. Seagull
  6. Gone, Gone, Gone
  7. Electric Land
  8. Simple Man
  9. Feel Like Makin’ Love
  10. Shooting Star
  11. Rock And Roll Fantasy
  12. Movin’ On
  13. Ready For Love
  14. Bad Company
  15. Deal With The Preacher