Armored Saint at the Key Club

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Armored SaintAs the summer concert season kicks into high gear, Los Angeles’s own ARMORED SAINT invaded Hollywood’s Key Club for what has become an annual event. I was not surprised by the line around the block as i rolled up Sunset blvd and walking in the doors it was a packed in sold out crowd . The excitement and anticipation could be felt all around as i was taken back to 1983 , the first time i saw “THE SAINT”

As the jammed packed crowd chanted “ARMORED SAINT ARMORED SAINT” they hit the stage and went into “loose cannon” off their latest release “LA RAZA” then into their signature opener “March of the Saint”. Singer John Bush was “On it” tonight in good voice (in some peeps opinion one of the best metal singer in the game including me)

Changing up the usual crowd participation segments, Saint had fans come up and pick songs from a poster board with “deep tracks”  and let the fans sit on the drum riser to watch them perform their pick. “COOL”

Saint sounding good as ever on …

  • Delirious nomad
  • After me the flood
  • False Alarm (of course)
  • last train home
  • Chemical euphoria
  • reighn of fire
  • Just to name a few.

Armored SaintArmored SaintArmored SaintJeff Duncan and Phil Sandoval tore thought their guitar parts and Joey Vera and Gonzo ripped it in the rhythm section.

All in all an awesome night of metal at the Key Club and a great kick off to the summer concert season…