“Rollin Revolution”

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AUGUST 20th With a new hit CD entitled

“Rollin’ Revolution”and a band that rocks like a house on fire, Betty Moon is on her way to becoming Hollywoods newest grrrl rock diva.


She fled her hometown of Toronto to explore the opportunities of Lalaland, married a rich, famous power attorney, found herself a great partner who has played with Chris Cornell, Buckcherry, and the Wallflowers, moved into a mansion in a gated community and put a smokin’ kick ass band together. All that in one year and a half of moving to Hollywood. Woah Moongirl go!!! With a machete in one hand and a blow torch in the other Betty Moon is shakin’ up the strip with a new sound, a supercool attitude, and a style and edge all her own.


Gearing up for her world tour,

Betty Moon’s new CD is a loaded gun with an abundance of hit singles shooting up radio charts everywhere.

Catch her and her band at the legendary Whisky AgoGo in Hollywood at noon on August 20th for this years annual




Betty Moon and her band have been selling out then rocking every stage she sets her mic stand, guitar and Marshall amp on. Just another live rock gig for Betty Moon who came to Hollywood less than a year and a half ago and has somehow managed to… well, marry a rich, famous, power attorney, move into a seven bedroom home in a gated community, partner with a famous rockstar who’s played with Chris Cornell, Buckcherry and the Wallflowers, and attract one of the world’s biggest producers to produce her next record. Not bad for a poor little rich girl from Toronto Canada.


The raven-haired beauty thanks the crowd after belting out her set of crowd-pleasers then launched into her number one hit song,” My Stupid Dream”. Betty is doing a number of appearances here in Los Angeles as she gears up for her world tour which is set to launch in Las Vegas Nevada at The Hard Rock Hotel. In the last several month’s she’s played The Whisky A GoGo and The Viper Room, The El Rey Theatre, The Roxy Theatre, all sold out shows, and is in heavy rehearsal daily to gear up for her tour throughout the U.S. and then Canada which is where she grew up.


Betty Moon’s songwriting is unique, heartfelt and introspective with a voice reminiscent of singers such as Janis Joplin, Ann Wilson, Grace Slick, Sade, Patti Smith and Robert Plant, all in one, both bold and fiercely strong, yet sometimes breathy and ethereal. One could see her piggy backing on tour with The Rolling Stones or perhaps U2, The Chili Peppers or Queens of The Stone Age, and this may not be far off as her CD is being embraced and play listed everywhere.


Classic sounding yet very original, Betty Moon’s songs on her new CD “Rollin’ Revolution” are a refreshing and modern contrast to what has become popular lately in the music world. On a mission to create a stir, kick our asses and rock our worlds, Betty’s moon is a rising as she is scheduled to perform at The Sunset Music Festival August 20th.