Search for the Hidden Gem (2011 – vol# 5)

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Search for The Hidden GemThis darn June gloom makes it tough to sit poolside with a blender of margi’s slathered in Coppertone SPF2 working on my first lobster sun burn of the summer.  Cannonball!!


“This is Dramacore”

Style (Industrial / Goth / Rap / Metal)

This is truly one of the best examples of wayward hodgepodge music I’ve ever come across.  The musical ensemble wants to be something unique.  It’s not sure if it wants to be goth, or maybe industrial, or maybe metal, or maybe rap/hip-hop because apparently kids in Estonia, which is where this is from, are dialed into the urban rap scene.  Whatever this psychobabble is, it falls well short of being interesting but scores big time in the boredom category.  Judging by the CD photos, Evestus is projecting a morbid apocalyptical BDSM sideshow circus freak artistry into his musical production.  And I’m fine with the visual artistry, but writing pussified songs like these 12 gems Ott Evestus has put together is a pure travesty given the artwork.  It’s like going to Burning Man wearing a Ned Flanders sweater and slacks with a ball gag wandering around selling freshly crocheted scarves and fro-yo.  Seriously, why bother putting forth the effort and expense of creating such elaborately themed artwork only to stop well short of writing a complimentary musical experience that’s equally morbid, erotic and freakishly exciting?  Instead of hearing any more from these 12 songs, I’d rather be strapped in a dentist chair forced to watch Fox News while having a prostate exam, without lube.  The songs are lame, written directionally cockeyed like a sidewalk street artist slapping bits and pieces hither and yon.  To say there is work and maturity yet to be realized is understating the obvious.

Rating 1 (go figure, hip-hop is big in Estonia)



Style (Folk)

Oh yes, please, please, I beg you, please bring on a resurrection of meandering, Grace Slick inspired, vocally reaching sometimes screeching, tambourine banging, one guitar chord playing, incense burning hippie music in 2011!  Oh how joyful it will be!  We can all gather around the bonfire wearing our custom made designer tie dye cloths and bead jewelry and talk about our 401k’s and repressive culture while chatting about the fuel efficiency of the new hybrid VW Touareg with heated seats while choking down a veggie wrap.  Burning Man has nothing over this scene man.  If given the choice of hearing these dreadful 9 songs again or sent exploring a Mayan burial cave with one match, a tic tac, and El Chupacabre, I’m going spelunking.  Seriously, this CD is a bottomless pit of nothingness, and to call this music a “whirlwind,” as stated in the bio, is absolutely absurd.  OK, so you wrote and recorded this in 11 hours.  Next time, maybe spend more time writing and recording something worthwhile instead of something taking up space.

Rating ½  (the Santa Cruz vampires aren’t happy)

Dead Men Dreaming

“Last Call”

Style (rock)

Given the low budget party artwork, I expected a party band playing songs about beer bongs, boobs, and puking, but instead I’m given an energetic and aggressive rock band with good musicianship, ripping guitar solos, strong drum beats, belted out vocals and choruses, and an understanding of song writing structure.  What really jumps out at me is how each song has that rare crowd participation quality in the choruses which makes for a raucously fun night in the club that leaves your voice wrecked the next day.  Missing, however, is a radio ready song, but that’s OK because these guys make up for it in spades with an infectious energy that screams this is a fun live band.  I’ve never seen these guys live, but hearing these songs leads me to believe they are a tough act to follow, and that’s my kind of band to hear live.

Rating 4 (cheap artwork isn’t doing this any favors)