Miss June – Krystia Marie

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Krystia MarieMy full name is Krystia Marie Morales Rosario, but as a stage name I prefer to use Krystia Marie, unless otherwise specified. I am a Puerto Rican born model living in Rancho Cucamonga, California. I ‘am fluent in both English and Spanish in reading, writing and speaking. I was born October 6, 1984 and currently 26 years old even though I look like I ‘am 21, which is not a bad thing I suppose. I consider myself a very open-minded, sociable, realistic, yet easy going individual willing to try new ventures, I m proud to say I live for today without fear because tomorrow is not certain. I’am a very professional model, who always enjoys working with professional photographers, MUA’s ect. I do have a sense of humor most photographers and MUA’s I have worked with will agree, it is a great way to break the ice  very chatty; must be a Puerto Rican thing. I do have some experience in the modeling Industry which I have acquired quite quickly. I do obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration-Marketing Management and International Business from the California State Polytechnic University of, Pomona. I did begin my Master’s degree in Public Health Care Administration through Ashford University though I have yet to complete it. I enjoy a good challenge, meeting new people, and I live life in the now taking it one day at a time believing I live for today and tomorrow I still own and can change something I perhaps do not agree with. There is a time for everything in life it is about making time if you believe in the value it presents within you. Do what truly makes you happy even if in doing so others become unhappy (Papi always told me that). I am a proud Latina who would love to represent Puerto Rico “La Isla del Encanto,” since this is my native Island/Hometown as well as other Latinas’ all over the world. If selected I will present myself as the woman that I have become today while demonstrating no one is perfect, and we all have equal opportunities too strive, so never give up. The final most important reason I am doing this is for me while thanking GOD, my family, and friends for their support. The biggest movement I hope to one day witness is the day modeling Industries will present more opportunities for petite women such as myself, while allowing new doors and jobs to come forward in this division. Some of my many aspirations are to work for Commercial Print advertisements, Catalogs, magazines, Editorials, Fashion, Events, promotions, Host/Presenter, Commercials, Small casting roles ECT. I’ll end this biography with a great quote I live by, “Our attitude toward life determines life’s attitude towards us.” I look forward to what my future holds in store for me. Thank you for your time.