Farren Butcher, Inc

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“An Electric Blend of Rock & Soul”

FBIHot off the presses is this well refined production by two Boston Legends who have not lost a single step.  Having the pleasure of receiving a copy hand-delivered by the “F-Man” himself, I looked forward to putting the new Farren Butcher, Inc release into the tray of my player and start listening.

To my satisfaction and surprise, I was quite impressed and there is no mystery as to why.  Laced with tasteful guitar licks and other musical treats, FBI has a charming and sophisticated personality.  It is electric, bluesy and has a pulse that after settling in and listening, you begin to enjoy the silky guitars and swinging rhythms which are truly characteristic to that of a jazzy-blues soundtrack to a sultry and sexy life scene.

The recording in general has a sparkling temperament and genuine chemistry that Farren and Butcher share, affecting you in many good ways.  With songs like “Soulmate” and “Rolling,” the vocals work well blending harmoniously, complementing one another. “Mule Driver” is a hypnotic bluegrass/rock fusion which vibrates; Butcher’s story-telling-like vocals are brilliant, they not only grasp your imagination, they soothe you. FBI “Deja Blue” is a lustrous ballad which is contemporary and fits the pairs’ personality and musical range which is captured and easily demonstrated in the recordings.

Songs of substance in any genre can take on their own life form, but Farren and Butcher are two musicians who have great skill and talent and it shows.  They also bring classics to a new light; the re-inventive “New Man” is a perfect example it is as explosive as it was from the days of the Jon Butcher Axis. Farren and Butcher make this classic work with ease and true enjoyment.  Farren’s vocals are quiet, affectionate throughout until a finale of a revised “East Coast West Coast,” which is resurrected from his early days with the Joe Perry Project; the pair delivers a lively and explosive rendition of his previous hit fitting it in comfortably and tastefully with the flow of the record. A well balanced collection of new and familiar songs fans will identify with and embrace.