Must-Hear Psych Rock: SF’s ELECTRIC SHEPHERD

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“Warrior music… driving and strong… last two tracks, which happen to total over twenty minutes combined, are worth digging into and are where Electric Shepherd shines.”

“Spacy surfy San Francisco trio is very much an ensemble project… heavy guitar effects rule the day… “Chem Trails” has an absorbing vocal melody… we like the direction the band is going.”

Electric Shepherd(San FRANCISCO) The recent  Haight Ashbury Street Fair was the ideal setting to experience Electric Shepherd, one of San Francisco’s newest, brightest  alterna-pysch indie rock bands.

Electric Shepherd (Mark Nelsen, guitars-vocals; Tommy Anderson, bass; Sonny Pearce, drums), San Francisco born and bred, seamlessly blend the best elements of psychedelic, blues, and trance, in addition to a hearty dose of indie-rock. The group sports a very cerebral, jam-based musicianship. Found in their songs are intimate journeys of vast color and warmth with the occasional haunting pit stop. Along with bands such as Sleepy Sun, Wooden Shjips, The Gris Gris, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and Ty Segall, Electric Shepherd are at the fore of this re-born, distinctly San Francisco sound.

Some of the most memorable rock music ever came out of the much-loved psychedelic rock era of the ’60’s, circa San Francisco; bands such as the Grateful Dead, Quicksilver Messenger Service,  Hot Tuna, Big Brother & The Holding Company, The Jefferson Airplane, and others mesmerized the music world with their melodic, hypnotic brand of what would later become known as ‘Trance-Rock.” Indeed, their music is still as popular today as it was some four decades ago – if not more so.

Electric Shepherd. have strong elements of the Doors,  Blue Cheer, Cream, and Pink Floyd in their sound, heard to fine effect on such future classics as “ChemTrails”  (which clocks in at 7:40), “Mildred Harris” (6:53), “Down the River” (6:09) and “The Misled Herd” (10:48). The music of Electric Shepherd is like a fine wine – made to be ingested slowly, not rushed, that grows on you more with each listen.

“Very authentic both in sound and style…8 (out of 10!),” muses English rock publication METALLIVILLE. ROCKWIRED RADIO raves, “harboring an array of unique aesthetics painted into the jowels of modern confusion, Electric Shepherd masks the gaps between old and new, forgotten and undiscovered, with the hopes of destroying past lives and diverging from new ones; a forcible means to an end.” CASHBOX concurs: “The vibes on this CD will make your freak flag fly and then some…I can tell you this… If Jim Morrison were alive, I’m sure he would approve.”

Electric Shepherd was selected an “Amoeba Homegrown Artist of the Month” in January by the influential San Francisco/Berkeley-based record store. The Deli Magazine in San Francisco also chose Electric Shepherd as a “Top 50 Bay Area Psychedelic Rock Act” in their recent poll.

Upcoming plans include a U.S. Tour sent to commence in August (cities and dates to be announced) as well as the release of a special 12″ vinyl picture disc of the song “Chem Trails.” The band is also in the studio working on a follow-up to their debut release.

Herd yourself through vibrant landscapes and forgotten passions with Electric Shepherd’s self-titled debut album (available on I-Tunes).

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