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Stoney Curtis‘Cosmic Conn3ction’ combines the gritty, blues-based tones of Stoney’s first albums with the acid fluid, genre-defying sounds this bluesman’s fans have to come to know and love. This album is very firmly planted in the blues, but definitely explores the outer reaches of the genre and showcases Stoney’s amazing virtuosity as he digs deep into his soul and psyche in some lengthy and blistering guitar solos.  As is evident on such powerful tracks as, “Soul Flower”, the groove laden mover, “Big Beautiful Women” and “Mary Jayne”. I suppose it is to be expected that an artist will always describe her/his most recent work as “the best yet”, but in this case I would agree. ‘Cosmic Conn3ction’ is a collection of finely-crafted, affecting performances in a variety of styles. Stoney’s vocals have never seemed more relaxed and confident, and the guitar work is mind-blowing.

This release is a very good display of Stoney Curtis’ talent, demonstrating not only his musical ability, but also his song writing and singing abilities. For the most part, he’s straight forward; in your face, hard core, just this side of rock, blues. ‘Cosmic Conn3ction’ is but another step toward his ultimate consideration as one of the best guitarist around. I think he deserves it!