John Enghauser now on Pandora Radio !!


  John Enghauser’s Music Now Being Featured On Pandora Radio Network

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 “Skillful artist whose amiable, laid-back recordings demonstrate exceptional attention to detail, especially in his acoustic guitar and the way instruments are placed in the mix…what’s distinctive about his brand of pop-rock is its decided smooth-jazz influence in some of the guitar interludes (“Blame”) and in his use of the Rhodes keys.”    

                                                       MUSIC CONNECTION

       (SAN FRANCISCO) – Lost In The Pages by San Francisco-based singer/songwriter/guitarist John Enghauser, winner of “Hot AC Album Of the year” at the 2009 Los Angeles Music Awards, has been added to the rotation on the Pandora Music Network. To play John’s music on Pandora, select the “About The Music” drop-down menu and search for John Enghauser. 

         In other news, Enghauser’s track “Still Waters” (also from Lost In The Pages) will be featured in the upcoming Australian major motion picture “Dealing With Destiny.” The track will not only appear in the film, but also on the movie’s soundtrack album.

      Enghauser capped another year of musical growth and recognition among his peers with his selection as a “Hot 100 Live Artist For 2011” by longtime respected publication, MUSIC CONNECTION. Selected by the magazine’s Senior Editors from a talent pool of several thousand entries, many in the yearly “Hot 100”  list often go onto receive lucrative record and touring deals. Now in its twenty-fifth year of publication, Music Connection is distributed throughout the U.S. and Europe as well. 
John Enghauser Live at the Whisky 

There’s something cool happening in the local singer/songwriter scene. Catchy tunes are the order of the day. There’s a fusion of influence coming from soul and prog rock. I wish I could make up a genre name for it right now. John Enghauser has his original take on the sound. You can hear Jamiroquai and Genesis in there, but it’s not in your face. It’s like an undercurrent to Enghauser just doing what he does….forging ahead with his own voice. His new release, LOST IN THE PAGES, is getting the notice it deserves and has even garnered him a nomination for “Singer/Songwriter of The Year” for the 2010 LA Music Awards. Yes John, infect the City of Angels with our Saint Francis of Assisi grooves.”                                SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE

John Enghauser was nominated in three categories for this year’s 20th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards and presented a Posthumous Hollywood F.A.M.E. Award to the family of Jaco Pastorious at the LAMA Main Event in November at Paramount Theater in Hollywood. John wrote a song about the late, great bassist, “So Many People,” on his critically-acclaimed CD, LOST IN THE PAGES (Blue Pie Records).

         Enghauser currently performs both with his band and solo, both in the Bay Area of Northern California as well as throughout Southern California.  He has been on the original music scene since the mid 90’s, beginning with his band Jamawokee, a high-octane four-piece funk rock project which debuted in Massachusetts. Enghauser began honing his songwriting and front man skills. The band released its first recording self-titled album “Jamawokee” in 1996. In the late 90’s, Enghauser fronted his own original group, Jeng, in which he wrote all of the material and whose potent live show piqued the interest of record labels such as Columbia and Virgin Records. John subsequently released his second album, “Larium Dream” – a compilation of Jeng songs he’d written during his time with the band. It was around this time that John also served as Music Director and contributing songwriter on the indie films “Urban Relics” and “When it Rains”. The “Urban Relics” soundtrack was Enghauser’s third album to be released.                               In 2000, Enghauser ventured westward, landing in California. After several musical stints in San Francisco and Los Angeles, John has settled in the Bay Area, where he currently resides. 

Besides performing all vocals, John plays guitar, bass and keyboards on Lost In The Pages, which has been played in 13 countries worldwide including England, Australia, Germany, France, New Zealand, Canada and the U.S.

          Among Enghauser’s favorite songs on “Lost In The Pages”  is “Cognition, Inc.”. “This is a funky re-tooling of a tune I wrote with my former band, Jamawokee.  It’s a completely different song now and I even changed up the lyrics a bit.  The lyric is still one of my favorites. It’s a satire which pokes fun of the American media and how much they shape our lives in the way we think and do things without us even knowing it.  Think about how often you do, say, wear and buy things based on what you’ve seen, heard or read in the media. Cognition, Inc. is this big mind-controlling machine that we all submit to which claims to fulfill all of our wildest dreams.  We all buy into it, but at what cost?” On a more sensitive note, “So Many People” is “an ode to Jaco Pastorius, the ingenious fusion bassist who died tragically. His biography is the most fascinating story I’ve ever read.  I think it’s the only book I’ve ever read twice. This is one of my favorite songs and one of the best composing jobs I think I’ve ever done. Sometimes when I listen to the complexities of it I can’t believe it came from me.  And it grooves so hard!  What’s ironic about the way I recorded the song is that it’s the only time I played the bass line with a pick. I don’t think Jaco ever played with a pick in his life.”   

          Watch for some new music to be released by Enghauser in the Fall.