David O++O

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Album: “David O++O”
Music Label: Davidottomusic.com

David O++OThis new Aussie artist from Brisbane, Australia is a whole lot more than just a pretty face. His ability to write and perform music goes so far beyond your average artist – it’s like its music from a future era. His music connects best to girls of any age, being female myself I wasn’t the only one left asking for more. The tracks will pick you up; yet leaves you feeling sexy and energised.

The first track “Etc” has a nice pick-me-up buzz then it slowly spins into a love fantasy. The track that stood out the most would have to be track 3 “Teasin’” – Time to add a new song into your “getting in the mood” playlist. This is the new make out song that every girl should have in her naughty draw next to her vibrator! This song will make you want to light some candles, turn out the lights and give yourself a bubble bath. Relaxing and arousing – simply amazing! Followed by “Sea Wide Freedom” this song is what you would expect to be the theme song of your favourite surf movie – the type that makes you want to quit your day job, learn guitar, and become a beach bum.

Over all very empowering. It injects energy into your body; buzzes you up, yet makes you feel relaxed, leaving you to reminisce about all your girly fantasies. The album can make any women quiver like he is standing in the room right next to you.

You can’t help but feel the amazing vibe of this upcoming music genius. Get your copy at “davidottomusic.com”


Rating 5 Stars!