Miss April – TC TNT

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TC TNTTC TNT was born in Tampa, Florida. She grew up with her nomadic, heavy metal loving military family. At an early age, TC knew that she needed to pursue her dream of becoming a rock star.

Though was a straight “A” student and sports-loving “jock” throughout school. From the age of 12 she began performing as a vocalist and musician in just about any band she could find in any and every city and state from Tampa, Florida, to Memphis, Tennessee.

After a stint studying graphic arts at the Memphis College of Art, she hightailed it to Los Angeles, a city she’d come to love and loathe simultaneously. But it was after this move TC found her greatest successes in the wide and weird realm of entertainment media. TC designed merchandise and promotional material for hundreds of performers from Paul Oakenfold to Brian McKnight and Guitar Center to Boy George.

TC worked as a catalogue model for alternative mega-designer Dickies Girl and high end latex designer Fierce Couture among others.

Additionally, TC has done voiceover work with producer Joseph Bishara and has used her vocal acting skills for “The Village,” “The Amityville Horror,” “The Grudge 2,” “Exorcist: The Beginning” and “Silent Hill” theatrical trailers as well as several movie scores, including After Dark Horrorfest’s 8 Films to Die For release, “The Gravedancers” and the Robert Patrick film, “Autopsy.”

TC has worked as a freelance journalist for publications like Blue Blood Magazine and as an on-air personality for Radio Free Virgin.

TC made her debut on the So-Cal music scene playing in the Los Angeles-based industrial metal band, Triggerpimp, which has sold out every notable venue in the Los Angeles area, was featured in Billboard Magazine and though since broken up, is still heard in major motion picture soundtracks such as Ashton Kutcher’s “The Butterfly Effect” and MTV’s “Road Rules.”

After leaving Triggerpimp TC sang for Anna Thema, which song “It Is Real” was featured in the trailer for the video game “Terminator: Dawn of Fate.” Today, she sings in Los Angeles-based industrial metal band Satiate and in TCR, a studio music project with her partner, Robin Moulder. Thus far she has released two full length albums between both projects within two years of one another.