Mirrorkicks: ‘Breathe without this’

Written by on April 21, 2011 in April 21, 2011, Music Reviews - Comments Off on Mirrorkicks: ‘Breathe without this’

MirrokicksI like Mirrorkicks but I don’t love them, yet. Lyrically I am not blown away but musically the band demonstrate a lot of skill in these four short tracks. Mirrorkicks seem to have come a long way under their own steam, with an impressive collection of vids and some smart art work to boot. Alongside their first album this band seem to have covered every genre under the sun though with this EP they have settled on a kind of soft alt rock. I’m struggling to pin a likeness on any current band but i’m reminded of Manics, Radiohead (circa 1993) and, weirdly, Skunk Anansie minus the punk. Mirrorkicks were children of the nineties and if London fashion is anything to go by, their time is coming. The EP launch gig is on 8th April at The Borderline, Central London. I might just head on down…