Motorhead and Clutch at the House Of Blues Las Vegas

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MotorheadIt’s official. The fountain of youth has been discovered! Location… a quaint apartment in West Hollywood, California. Ingredients… loud decibel Rock N’ Roll, A bottle of Jack Daniels a day to kill the taste of Coke, Marlboro Reds, and maybe a little devil’s dandruff. Although don’t expect the FDA to recommend this elixir anytime soon. However, it’s worked for Motorhead frontman Lemmy. And at age 65, he’s still putting the young kids to shame. With a freshly released documentary paying homage to Lemmy and a new album entitled “The World Is Yours,” there seems to be no stopping the Motorhead train anytime soon.

MotorheadAnd so the band descended upon Las Vegas promoting their legacy once again to an enthusiastic and loyal crowd. But first up was Clutch. They did a good job of getting the audience warmed up for the main event. With songs performed such as “50,000 Unstoppable Watts,” “Pure Rock Fury,” and “The Mob Goes Wild,” it’s easy to see why Clutch have been a mainstay for almost 20 years.

“We are Motorhead! And we play Rock N’ Roll!” So stated Lemmy as Motorhead came out full force with “We Are Motorhead.” From there the show was chock full of classics new and old. You can’t go wrong with “Stay Clean,” “Metropolis,” “Over The Top,” “I Got Mine,” “The Chase Is Better Than The Catch,” “Just ‘Cos You Got The Power,” “Going To Brazil,” and “Killed By Death.” Newbies such as “Rock Out” fit right in alongside all the standards we know and love. What more can be said of Lemmy? The man is a living legend and he plays every show as if it was his first. Of course guitarist Phil Campbell gives it his all as well. And drummer Mickey Dee is one of the finest of his craft, as evidenced in his signature drum solo during “In The Name Of Tragedy.”

MotorheadMotorheadMotorheadThe band finished their set with “Ace Of Spades” and returned for the obligatory show closer “Overkill.” I really can’t imagine any other band in this genre who can keep up the power and ferocity that Motorhead does at Lemmy’s age. As Ozzy states in the Lemmy documentary… ”The man is made of iron!”

Be sure to check out Motorhead in your town. Buy the new album. See the documentary. And be sure to drink from the fountain of youth while doing all 3.