James Cashman “Brooklyn Electric Co.”

Written by on March 10, 2011 in March 10, 2011, Music Reviews - 1 Comment

2011 N. 1st Records

James CashmanThis is not your typical electro record. In fact, I don’t even know what genre it is. Throughout a rough trail of oddly beautiful and abrasive beats, Cashman intertwines guitar playing reminiscent of your favorite 1980’s movie soundtrack. It’s not a far off thought to envision Molly Ringwald turning her bedroom into a mini disco while dancing to “Let Us Save Mankind (One Beat at a Time)” or seeing Arnold causing chaos to “Red Line (Pressure Pressure PRESSURE). That’s the beauty of this record. Even if there are unfamiliar moments or sounds (like Cashman’s synth sounding as if it was the last gasp of a scattered and dying nebula) the songs still have a feel to them that will make you quite comfortable dancing to them. I still feel as if Cashman’s best work is in the Garage Rock realm, but this album shows that he has his synth pointing in the right direction. This is a record truly worth checking out.