Debby Clinkenbeard: WINTER TREES

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Cinderella Records

Debby ClinkenbeardThe debut CD release from High Desert native, Debby Clinkenbeard is a musical gem sure to please. With 10 tracks each telling their own distinct story, ‘Sky-Born’ opens the disc and proves to be a suiting intro into a journey full of warm and inviting melodies, well-crafted lyrics and rich, lush soundscapes. ‘Jesse & Jack’, the first single release off Winter Trees is an enchanting tale of sibling unity tying small hands together while holding onto hope… while ‘Again’, (one of my personal favorites) is a mixture of sweet and sorrowful lyrics, laced with intoxicating harmonies and soothing strings (violin anyone?) ‘Superstar’ is an upbeat number that keeps your toes tapping and will undoubtedly get stuck in your head for days ( like it did mine), while the final track ‘The Homecoming’, (quoted to be a show case for Clinkenbeard’s beautiful vocals) by renowned Producer, Jack Douglas provides a very lovely ending to a thoughtful, engaging and well-made CD. Most certainly well worth the purchase I’d recommend you pick up your copy today for a delightful addition to your music collection. A+