Veronica Gomez – Miss January

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Veronica GomezMeet miss All Access Magazine for January 2011, Veronica Gomez. Veronica first got the itch to model when she was in 8th grade but never really took it seriously because she loved to dance. Veronica had to give up her passion for dancing when she turned 18 to start college. During the first semester of college, she started to try modeling again but quickly got turned down by two agencies. They told her that her hips where to big and her hair was too dark and her features were too strong. Veronica, being the person that she is said F**k you guys and decided never to look back. Veronica went into her 2nd semester of school with a new passion, theater. She was in two musicals while she was in college, and loved every minute of it.  Dancing, singing, and acting were things that she was good at.

One day she got a tattoo on her arm. Every time she had a show, she would have to spend an hour covering it. Of course she rebelled…

Covering the tattoo for her was like covering who she was. It was at that moment of her life, she found herself. Covering something that she loved to do another thing that she loved seemed to be contradicting. Veronica had to find a future for herself where she could have tattoos and make a living at the same time. After her last musical she decided to quit school. She was earning a living while working at bars (mostly rock-n-roll bars) and having the best time of her life! She figured she would rather make money rather than spend money on school.

One day Veronica woke up and said, “I’m getting my whole arm tattooed”. She wasn’t thinking of any consequences at all, she just knew this was how she was supposed to be, lude, crude, and tattooed!  Everyone tried to stop her, telling her that she was too pretty to ruin herself like that. Little did they know, getting her whole arm tattooed gave her more attention…

Veronica started to get noticed by photographers at the bars she worked at. She did a lot of fliers for local bars and such. Then she started hosting some local metal shows in Houston. This is where I fit in, she said, metal, drinking, and tattoos!  So by meeting people at her work, Veronica started networking and began to meet the right people to get her connected with some amazing contacts in the modeling industry. Now after a long time and some hard work, and staying true to who she is, Veronica is on her way. Veronica has modeled and worked with Coffin Case out of Los Angeles, California. She is a “Bat babe” on You can find an interview of her on, She is also a H2Ocean model, you can find those ads in most tattoo magazines, and most recently she is Playboy’s Barmate for Feb. 2011. So please go get the February issue and see Veronica on page 19, and vote for her for the hottest bartender in America. To see more of Veronica, please visit