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        Michael Olivieri Band             The M.O.B. (Michael Olivieri Band) is a Who’s-Who of Rock, featuring former members of Social  Distortion, Walter Trout Band, Santana, Scorpions, and The Turtles, among many others. Ollivieri (center) formerly fronted seminal hard rock major label band, Leatherwolf.   

Performing Locally: Galaxy Concert Theater in Santa Ana – Friday, Mar. 18  
          (SANTA ANA, ORANGE COUNTY, USA!) –  What do you get when you combine the talents of seven musicians who collectively have been past members of Santana, Scorpions, Social Distortion, Walter Trout Band, the Turtles, Rhythm Lords, and others? The answer: The M.O.B. (Michael Olivieri Band), who just may be the best new super-group you haven’t heard of (yet). Front and center  of The M.O.B. is Michael Olivieri, the dynamic front man/vocalist and guitarist whose captivating voice was the driving force behind the success of seminal major label hard rock band, Leatherwolf. Add into the mix  Eric Von Herzen (harp); K.K. Martin (guitar, vocals); Buzzy James (guitars); Tom Croucier (bass); Daniel Lucett (keyboards, guitars, vocals); and Paul Wilson (drummer), and The M.O.B. may just be the next Big Thing straight outta The O.C.!  

          The M.O.B. (Michael Olivieri Band) headline The Galaxy Concert Theater, 3503 S. Harbor Blvd., Santa Ana, Friday, March 18 (special “Night After St. Patty’s Day Party”). $12. advance (available through band members or via email:, $15 at the door. Info: (714) 957-0600 or log onto

          Olivieri will perform songs from his recent solo CD release, “Goodbye Rain,” as well as some other surprises. Also look to hear some new material from the soon-to-be-released follow-up to Goodbye Rain, tentatively set for an April 2011 release date.

         Watch the newest Michael Olivieri video, “Love,” here:

Michael Olivieri Love Video


         Catch The M.O.B. leader and his band on the radio: Olivieri performs live and is interviewed on “Live In The Lounge” at 5:30 p.m. on  Radiobuzzd ( to listen live);  and at 9 p.m.  on “The BuddhaMan’s International Experience,” (heard over, both on Saturday, Feb. 19.  
        “Accompanied by the balance of his ten-piece entourage consisting of obvious consummate stage veterans including a double drummer wall of percussion reminiscent of The Allman Brothers, Michael treated Santa Ana, California to what felt like an old school powerhouse all-star jam,” wrote ROCKSTAR WEEKLY in a May 2010 review of a M.O.B. show at The Galaxy. “Extraordinary musical talent, a stripe typically pinned to the lapel of those who are either genetically predisposed or have earned it through endless dues payed, is few and far between in the music industry. Regardless of the science, Michael Olivieri is on that short list. Perhaps I’m merely a sucker for flawless skill and showmanship,” the review concludes. 

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        Michael Olivieri was born and raised in Huntington Beach, the youngest of 7 kids in a musical family.  His two older brothers both sang and played guitar. Michael being left-handed, was at a little bit of a disadvantage because he really wanted to play but the only guitars that were lying around were for righties. He had to force himself to play right handed. Both brothers were very patient teaching him to play. They would spend hours jamming, singing and working out three part harmonies, fascinating Michael with the whole concept of harmony and how it worked. He was usually assigned the highest vocal part, giving him a great foundation for a singer. His oldest sister would sit down at the piano with him while he watched her play. She taught him what the notes were and he would take it from there. It wasn’t until many years later that he would learn to read music, developing a good ear for learning songs on his own and finding his way around the keys. It was in the seventh grade talent show when he and some of his closest friends played “Stairway to Heaven” that he got his first taste of live “ROCK”. The light went on! He had to get an electric guitar. It was those early times in his life that were the basis for his passion for music.
        In his friend’s garage the sound of LEATHERWOLF was formed; with three shredding guitarists, they took guitar harmonies to a new level. His early days were now playing a big part in developing intricate harmonies. Formed in the early 80’s, Leatherwolf emerged on the Southern California scene despite the band members’ young ages. Sharing bills with fellow OC metal acts such as Metallica, Witch, and Slayer at venues like the Woodstock and Radio City, Leatherwolf quickly caught the attention of Enigma Records affiliated indie label Tropical Records who financed the band’s eponymous 1984 5-song EP produced by Randy Burns (who would go on to work with the likes of Megadeth, Helstar, and Kreator). Influenced by European heavy metal in general and Iron Maiden in particular, Leatherwolf’s musical sophistication earned them high praise and led to the EP being extended to a full-length album and licensed in Europe. Germany’s Steamhammer/SPV released the album in 1985, titled Leatherwolf, while Heavy Metal America, who had the rights for Great Britain, issued it as Endangered Species, so named after one of the songs on the album. By this time Michael started playing the Hollywood scene, building up a huge following

        Michael’s blend of rock/country/soul can be found on his first recently-released debut solo album,“GOODBYE RAIN.” His passion for playing multiple instruments stands out on this modern take on classic rock! Olivieri states, “I felt I needed to get back to the roots of where I came from musically. ‘Goodbye Rain’ is musically what I’m really all about.”

Feb. 3 (Thurs.)      ACTORS E CHAT (Interview/Performance)           Hollywood, CA

Feb. 13 (Sun.)      THE GASLAMP                                                        Long Beach, CA   

Feb. 19 (Sat.)        RADIOBUZZD (Interview/Performance)                Santa Clarita, CA

Feb. 19 (Sat.)        ERROR FM (Interview/Performance)                    Sherman Oaks, CA

March 18 (Fri.)      GALAXY CONCERT THEATER                                 Santa Ana, CA