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Mark AugustFrom Fronting Band SEX IN PUBLIC To Running A Successful Worldwide Tattoo Artist   Supply Company, Mark August Is At The Fore Of Today’s New Breed Of Entrepreneur

In the 21st Century, the successful entrepreneur will combine elements of artistic creativity and good old-fashioned business acumen to create a brand that is at once both successful in the world of commerce and well as culture.

Mark August  — avant/rock musician and owner of world-renowned tattoo artist supply company, Skin Candy – is at the forefront of this new breed of enlightened entrepreneur/rock star.

Raised in Los Angeles during the heyday of Hair Bands and the Sunset Strip, August got his introduction to the glamorous (and not so glamorous) rock ‘n’ roll world as a member of hard rock group Johnny Crash, who signed with major label CBS Records in 1990 and who opened for Motley Crue on their notorious Dr. Feelgood tour. After departing the band and moving to San Francisco, August ended up working across the street from famed tattooist Ed Hardy’s Tattoo City shop. It was there August seized on the idea of manufacturing ink for tattooing, subsequently forming his current company Skincandy in 1996.

Mark AugustFast forward to 2005: Mark receives a call from reality TV show MIAMI INK, requesting supplies. This proceeded to put Skincandy – the first company to bring black light inks and black light tattooing to its currently level of popularity –  on the national radar, and Mark August along with it. Features on the Discovery Channel, History Channel and a feature on the KTLA Channel 5 Morning News In Los Angeles soon followed. At present, Skincandy has a full staff and warehouse in Burbank, and have just launched “Male Polish,” a specialized line of Nail Polish for men that August believes may someday be his most successful venture yet.

August has also successfully re-ignited his music career with the 2009 release of his solo CD MINDFUCK  (think: Jane’s Addiction, Alice In Chains), and currently, with his new trio, Sex In Public (in which he sings and plays lead guitar). August’s musical resume’ also includes stints in Darling Cruel and WWIII, both of whom enjoyed success in Hollywood’s music/metal scene prior to the turn of the decade.

Watch for selected gigs for Mark August and Sex In Public in the days ahead as well as some very special high-profile promotions involving Skincandy and its Male Polish line.


Interview by Debra Stocker

All Access Magazine (AAM) Mark your bio describes you as being an entrepreneur, I would have to agree. So how did you hook up with Sex In Public, a trio band?

Mark August (MA) I’d already been playing with Michael for 2 years in the Mindfuck project, I wanted to do something less involved instrumentally, meaning were only a 3 piece, Mindfuck had keys, and such I got tired of setting up the backing tracks live.  I let our drummer go because he was into doing more speed-metal jazz stuff, and I’m not good at playing real fast.  I found Ryan through Craigslist; he was the 1st and last guy we auditioned.

AAM: Who are the members and what instruments do they play?

MA: Mark August/ Me lol…  Vocals lead & rhythm guitars, payroll
Michael Encarnacion/ Bass and tardiness
Ryan Gio/ Drums, girls & hangovers

AAM: You would have come full circle, now back in the music biz. Where do you hope Mark August and Sex In Public will take you?

MA: To the bedroom of the finest women on the planet! Then the bank, ha-ha!

AAM: Your recent release, MINDFUCK interesting title, interesting packing. I have to wonder your thoughts when creating the name/packing?

MA: Our drummer at the time Skip Gillette and Johnny Crash soundman Greg Bertrang came up with the idea for the name, I don’t know what they were thinking! They smoke a lot of weed and I didn’t care what we called it. It was my idea to flip our photo upside down though. It was a concept CD, a reintroduction of me coming back and experimenting with a few different styles.

AAM: Any thoughts about being radio worthy?

MA: NO, the radio sounds like crap, especially all this trash culture rap/hip hop and what they dare to call R & B these days, Curtis Mayfield’s probably turning in his grave behind it. And that Justin Bieber, Justin Diaper whatever looks like bleach blond Marie Osmond at 15 with a sex change. It’s so sad the state of radio today, the only station I listen to or have any respect for is KCRW, Serious BBC Radio 1 and KJAZZ in L.A.

AAM: Have you had any label interest, assuming that’s the direction your heading?

MA: Sure, I’ll let them pay for whatever they want, I’m strapped for cash as is, especially after my monthly tax bill, insurances for my business and healthcare for all my employees, so yes anything free from a record guy is welcome in my camp, as long as the interest rate on their loan is not more than the banks are offering

I’d just be happy if we could pack out some old school back yard parties, grass roots style, give away cd’s to my friends etc…

AAM: Where can your fans purchase your release?

MA: I TUNES look for Mark August Mindfuck, the CD is bright green and pink

AAM: With many artist/bands their live performances sometimes differ from their CD. How would you say your live performances compare?

MA: With this new music barely none at all, it’s very stripped down, like early Cream or AIC

AAM: Do you plan to tour with your new band?

MA: NOT unless I get a huge tour bus, ha-ha I did that when I was 23 with Johnny Crash, we were lucky to be able to do those big tours in the old days, there was more $’s for bands then, it was more fun and we had nothing to lose, now I have too much responsibility, but for some reason they have a big draw for me somewhere, Ill for sure do it!

AAM: You’re a busy guy Mark August, what is the best way your fans can keep up with you? Website, Facebook maybe twitter?

MA: or Skincandy

AAM: All Access magazine wishes you and Sex In Public much success! Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?


Sex In Public is interviewed and performs live on Radiobuzzd, Saturday, March 5 at 5:30 p.m.

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