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Artist: Alexander Gilblom
Title: Self-Titled
Genre: Rock-Pop
Label: Independent
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Alexander GilblomWhen you spend 2 years working on one album you anticipate good results. I think Alexander Gilbhom has no reason not to be completely satisfied with his new self-titled release.

Gilbhom did a lion’s share of the work on this recording, playing all the instruments and handling the mixing and production chores. He had some help from friends on some tracks however it was mostly Gilbhom on this reflective group of tracks.

The 14 tracks that comprise this collection are upbeat rock-pop tunes that are influenced by the 60’s and 70’s style of music that dominated the airwaves. Gilbhom has a great voice and has a penchant for biting lyrics, making any cynicism that comes through a bit sweeter with soaring harmonies and some excellent guitar solos (note the playing by friend Ryan Green on “Easy On You”).

The cover alone catches your eye and really makes you think. Based on the lyrics and cover, Gilbhom likes the subject of life itself and the different relationships that shape it either positively or negatively. It’s all about emotions that you have with different people and as the cover indicates, it can be like a bullet aimed right at you. You are the target of inspiration for these ebbing and flowing emotions. All of this seems to be the inspiration of this collection of tracks.

Just as the album is rolling along with pop-rock gems like “Broken Days” and the best track “I Haven’t Killed In Days (Dear)” (which I think could break this album if it’s earmarked for the first single) along comes a country flavored track called “Baby, Let Me Teach You About Pain”. On the other side of the musical world “Who Did This To You” starts off innocently enough then explodes into an all-out rocker, it is the most powerful track on the recording. The guitar parts are furnished by friend Nathan Eshman.

This is an excellent album that is easy to like. There is not one dud. Mr. Gilbhom your patience paid off more than you will ever know. Let’s hope now there are some eager ears out there that are willing to listen and pay some attention to an indie artist that has the potential to become a literal hit machine. What listeners have to look forward to on this self-titled recording is a diversely talented artist that epitomizes the term singer/songwriter/musician.

4.5/5 Stars

Key Tracks- Broken Days, I Haven’t Killed In Days (Dear), Who Did This To You

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