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Mark August Band Pic
                               Pictured: Mark August (left, with guitar) with his group Sex In Public

From Fronting Band SEX IN PUBLIC To Running A Successful Worldwide Tattoo Artist   Supply Company, Mark August Is At The Fore Of Today’s New Breed Of Entrepreneur

       (HOLLYWOOD) – In the 21st Century, the successful entrpreneur will combine elements of artistic creativity and good old-fashioned business acumen to create a brand that is at once both successful in the world of commerce and well as culture.
       Mark August  — avant/rock musician and owner of world-renowned tattoo artist supply company, Skin Candy – is at the forefront of this new breed of enlightened entrepreneur/rock star.
       Raised in Los Angeles during the heyday of Hair Bands and the Sunset Strip, August got his introduction to the glamorous (and not so glamorous) rock ‘n’ roll world as a member of hard rock group Johnny Crash, who signed with major label CBS Records in 1990. After departing the band and moving to San Francisco, August ended up working across the street from famed tattooist Ed Hardy’s Tattoo City shop. It was there August seized on the idea ofr selling ink for tattooing, subsequently forming his current company Skincandy in 1996.
       Fast forward to 2005: Mark receives a call from reality TV show MIAMI INK, requesting supplies. This proceeded to put Skincandy – the first company to bring black light inks and black light tattooing to its currently level of popularity –  on the national radar, and Mark August along with it. Features on the Discovery Channel, History Channel and a feature on the KTLA Channel 5 Morning News In Los Angeles soon followed. At present, Skincandy has a full staff and warehouse in Burbank, and have just launched “Male Polish,” a specialized line of Nail Polish for men that August believes may someday be his most successful venture yet.
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             August has also successfully re-ignited his music career with the 2009 release of his solo CD MINDFUCK  (think: Jane’s Addiction, Alice In Chains), and currently, with his new trio, Sex In Public (in which he sings and plays lead guitar). August’s musical resume’ also includes stints in Darling Cruel and WWIII, both of whom enjoyed success in Hollywood’s music/metal scene prior to the turn of the decade.
          Watch for selected gigs for Mark August and Sex In Public in the days ahead as well as some very special high-profile promotions involving Skincandy and its Male Polish line.
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